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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A proposed decision support system for river water quality management in India [Un système d'aide à la décision pour le management de la qualité des eaux en Inde]Babbar R.; Arya D.S.; Joshi H.
2009Analysis of historical changes in rainfall in the Indian HimalayasBasistha A.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.
2014Application of remote sensing and GIS in sinuosity and river shifting analysis of the Ganges River in Uttarakhand plainsDhari S.; Arya D.S.; Murumkar A.R.
2010Design flow and stage computations in the Teesta River, Bangladesh, using frequency analysis and MIKE 11 modelingRahman M.M.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.; Dhamy A.P.
2020Development of Decision Support System (DSS) for Urban Flood Management: A Review of Methodologies and ResultsMishra A.; Arya D.S.; Ahmad S.; Murray R.
2012Development of the jamuneswari flood forecasting system: Case study in BangladeshRahman M.M.; Goel N.K.; Arya D.S.
1994Developmental trends and their environmental impact in a typical central Indian town with special reference to RoorkeeArya D.S.; Joshi H.; Abbasi S.A.
2001Identification and classification of key variables and their role in environmental impact assessment: Methodology and software package intraArya D.S.; Abbasi S.A.
2014Impact of climate change on rainfall in Northwestern Bangladesh using multi-GCM ensemblesKumar D.; Arya D.S.; Murumkar A.R.; Rahman M.M.
2013Impact of ENSO on River Flows in GuyanaMisir V.; Arya D.S.; Murumkar A.R.
2013Improved planning model for canal scheduling of rotational irrigationKaur S.; Srivastava D.K.; Arya D.S.
2008Irrigation performance improvement by non-structural measures - A case study from BangladeshRahman M.; Arya D.S.
2010Limitation of 90 m SRTM DEM in drainage network delineation using D8 method-a case study in flat terrain of BangladeshRahman M.M.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.
2014Long term spatial and temporal rainfall trends and homogeneity analysis in Wainganga basin, Central IndiaTaxak A.K.; Murumkar A.R.; Arya D.S.
2013Modeling of urban growth dynamics and its impact on surface runoff characteristicsSathish Kumar D.; Arya D.S.; Vojinovic Z.
2016Potential Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves in Roorkee, IndiaSingh R.; Arya D.S.; Taxak A.K.; Vojinovic Z.
2013Quantum gis based optimal evacuation route identification during flood disasterGarg R.D.; Arya D.S.; Aggarwal S.P.; Aeron A.
2008Spatial distribution of rainfall in Indian Himalayas - A case study of Uttarakhand RegionBasistha A.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.
2017Spatio-temporal changes in rainfall and temperature of the Bhima river basin (India)Murumkar A.R.; Arya D.S.
2000Streamflow forecasting using Artificial Neural NetworkRoba F.G.; Arya D.S.; Goel N.K.