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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Climate variability influences on hydrological responses of a large himalayan basinArora M.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Singh R.D.
2006Effect of climate change on runoff of a glacierized Himalayan basinSingh P.; Arora M.; Goel N.K.
2005Evaluation of temperature trends over India [Evaluation de tendances de température en Inde]Arora M.; Goel N.K.; Singh P.
2011Polarisation transform analysis for detection of shallow buried non-metallic landmines in microwave X-band regionTiwari K.C.; Singh D.; Arora M.
2017Recent catastrophic landslide lake outburst floods in the Himalayan mountain rangeRuiz-Villanueva V.; Allen S.; Arora M.; Goel N.K.; Stoffel M.
2005Regional flow duration curve for a Himalayan river ChenabArora M.; Goel N.K.; Singh P.; Singh R.D.
1998Seismic hazard analysis: An artificial neural network approachArora M.; Sharma M.L.
2006Spatial distribution and seasonal variability of rainfall in a mountainous basin in the Himalayan regionArora M.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Singh R.D.
2020Structural and Dielectric Properties of Bi-Zn Substituted Calcium Copper Titanate (CCTO)Kumar V.; Mohammed J.; Tchouank Tekou C.T.; Mukhtar G.; Halilu N.; Adamu I.A.; Maji P.K.; Basandrai D.; Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava A.K.; Kumar M.; Thakur R.C.; Dosanjh H.S.; Kumar A.; Juglan K.C.; Singh K.; Arora M.
2013Structural, magnetic and optical properties of Bi1-xDy xFeO3 nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel methodArora M.; Sati P.C.; Chauhan S.; Singh H.; Yadav K.L.; Chhoker S.; Kumar M.
2011Subpixel target detection and enhancement in hyperspectral imagesTiwari K.C.; Arora M.; Singh D.
2019Trend analysis and change point detection of temperature over parts of IndiaRay L.K.; Goel N.K.; Arora M.
2019Tuning of PI/PID controllers for MIMO System using Modified Gerschgorin theoremArora M.; Raut N.; Hote Y.V.