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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An experimental and finite element investigation of the ballistic performance of laminated GFRP composite targetAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.; Iqbal M.A.
2017Ballistic Performance of Unidirectional Glass Fiber Laminated Composite Plate under Normal and Oblique ImpactAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2017Dynamic Response of Laminated GFRP Composite under Low Velocity Impact: Experimental and Numerical StudyAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.; Iqbal M.A.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2016Impact behavior of FRP composite plate under low to hyper velocity impactAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.
2017Impact behaviour of GFRP and Kevlar/epoxy sandwich composite plate: Experimental and FE analysesAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.
2017Influence of projectile nose shape and incidence angle on the ballistic perforation of laminated glass fiber composite plateAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.
2016Progressive damage of GFRP composite plate under ballistic impact: Experimental and numerical studyAnsari M.M.; Chakrabarti A.