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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Blue-extended supercontinuum generation in air-silica microstructured optical fiber with normal dispersion at 450 nmRehan M.; Kumar G.; Anjali; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2020Highly nonlinear silica spiral photonic crystal fiber for supercontinuuam generation extending from 320 nm to 2620 nmAnjali; Rehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi, Vipul K.
2020Identifying the seasonal variability in source of groundwater salinization using deuterium excess- a case study from Mewat, Haryana, IndiaKrishan G.; Prasad G.; Anjali; Kumar C.P.; Patidar N.; Yadav, Brijesh K.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Singh S.; Sharma L.M.; Bradley A.; Verma S.K.