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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A comparative proteomic analysis of skin secretions of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii) and the wombat (Vombatus ursinus)Ambatipudi K.; Joss J.; Deane E.
2017A novel function for globulin in sequestering plant hormone: Crystal structure of Wrightia tinctoria 11S globulin in complex with auxinKumar P.; Kesari P.; Dhindwal S.; Choudhary A.K.; Katiki M.; Neetu; Verma A.; Ambatipudi K.; Tomar S.; Sharma A.K.; Mishra G.; Kumar P.
2008A proteomic approach to analysis of antimicrobial activity in marsupial pouch secretionsAmbatipudi K.; Joss J.; Raftery M.; Deane E.
2020BoMiProt: A database of bovine milk proteinsMaity S.; Bhat A.H.; Giri K.; Ambatipudi K.
2018Cell adhesion protein fibulin-7 and its C-terminal fragment negatively regulate monocyte and macrophage migration and functions in vitro and in vivoSarangi P.P.; Chakraborty P.; Dash S.P.; Ikeuchi T.; De Vega S.; Ambatipudi K.; Wahl L.; Yamada Y.
2016Challenges and opportunities of bovine milk analysis by mass spectrometryVerma A.; Ambatipudi K.
2019Characterization of difference in structure and function of fresh and mastitic bovine milk fat globulesVerma A.; Ghosh T.; Bhushan B.; Packirisamy G.; Navani N.K.; Sarangi P.P.; Ambatipudi K.
2019Cinnamate-CoA ligase is involved in biosynthesis of benzoate-derived biphenyl phytoalexin in Malus × domestica ‘Golden Delicious’ cell culturesTeotia D.; Gaid M.; Saini S.S.; Verma A.; Yennamalli R.M.; Khare S.P.; Ambatipudi K.; Mir J.I.; Beuerle T.; Hänsch R.; Roy P.; Agrawal P.K.; Beerhues L.; Sircar D.
2014Genome-wide association studies in Sjögren's syndrome: What do the genes tell us about disease pathogenesis?Burbelo P.D.; Ambatipudi K.; Alevizos I.
2008In search of neutrophil granule proteins of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)Ambatipudi K.; Deane E.M.
2019Protein glycosylation: Sweet or bitter for bacterial pathogens?Bhat A.H.; Maity S.; Giri K.; Ambatipudi K.
2006Proteomic analysis of the neutrophil proteins of the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)Ambatipudi K.; Old J.; Guilhaus M.; Raftery M.; Hinds L.; Deane E.
2020Quantitative alterations in bovine milk proteome from healthy, subclinical and clinical mastitis during S. aureus infectionMaity S.; Das D.; Ambatipudi K.
2019Quantitative proteomics of milk whey reveals breed and season specific variation in protein abundance in Holstein Friesian cow and Murrah buffaloMaity S.; Ambatipudi K.
2020Selective enrichment of milk fat globules using functionalized polyvinylidene fluoride membraneVerma A.; Sharma A.K.; Agarwal A.; Datta S.; Ambatipudi K.
2018The unusual glycine-rich C terminus of the Acinetobacter baumannii RNA chaperone Hfq plays an important role in bacterial physiologySharma A.; Dubey V.; Sharma R.; Devnath K.; Gupta V.K.; Akhter J.; Bhando T.; Verma A.; Ambatipudi K.; Sarkar M.; Pathania R.