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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200918F-labelling of A-ring substituted 16α-fluoro-estradiols as potential radiopharmaceuticals for PET imagingAhmed, Naseem; Garcia G.; Ali H.; van Lier J.E.
2021Facile measurement of cortisol using microchannel embedded Cu-rGO-polymer composite chemiresistive sensorAli H.; Yadav, Ashish; Verma N.
2005Silica gel supported InBr 3 and InCl 3: New catalysts for the facile and rapid oxidation of 2′-hydroxychalcones and flavanones to their corresponding flavones under solvent free conditionsAhmed, Naseem; Ali H.; Van Lier J.E.
2006Synthesis and biological activities of nucleoside-estradiol conjugatesAli H.; Ahmed, Naseem; Tessier G.; Van Lier J.E.
2003Synthesis of the 7α-cyano-(17α,20E/Z)-[125I] iodovinyl-19-nortestosterones: Potential radioligands for androgen and progesterone receptorsAli H.; Rousseau J.; Ahmed, Naseem; Guertin V.; Hochberg R.B.; Van Lier J.E.
2006The reaction of porphyrins with α,β-acetylenic ketone/ester (Morita-Baylis-Hillman) promoted by MgI2 and subsequent Sonogashira coupling reactionsAhmed, Naseem; Ali H.; Van Lier J.E.