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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Bilayer exchange coupling and Neel temperature of YBa2Cu3O6.2Govind; Pratap A.; Ajay; Tripathi R.S.
2002Condensation energy of the superconducting bilayer cupratesGovind; Ajay; Joshi S.K.
1995Effect of an interband interaction on narrow-band superconductivityAjay; Patra S.; Tripathi R.S.
1995Effect of interlayer coupling on Néel, temperature in copper oxide based antiferromagnetsAjay; Patra S.; Tripathi R.S.
2006Electronic spectra of doped bilayer high Tc cuprates within t-t′-t″-t⊥-U modelPathak P.K.; Ajay
2013Electronic spectra of iron pnictide superconductors: Influence of multi-orbitals hopping and hund's couplingRani L.; Ajay
2014Electronic spectrum of trilayer grapheneKumar S.; Ajay
2008Influence of inter cell resonant tunneling on the out-of-plane electronic transport behavior in layered high T c cupratesTewari B.S.; Dhyani A.; Ajay
2015Influence of interlayer coupling and intra-layer Coulomb interaction on electronic transport in bilayer grapheneKumar S.; Ajay
2015Influence of multi-orbital hopping and anisotropy in intra and inter orbital Coulomb interactions on the electronic spectra in iron pnictide superconductorsRani L.; Ajay
2016Influence of Multi-orbitals, Coulomb Correlations and Hund’s Coupling on Transition Temperature in Doped Fe-Based SuperconductorsRani L.; Ajay
2017Influence of multiorbital and anisotropic Coulomb interactions on isotope effect coefficient in doped Fe-based superconductorsRani L.; Ajay
2008Influence of three site exchange interaction on the electronic spectra of doped bilayer high Tc cupratesTewari B.S.; Ajay; Kishore R.
2001Interplay of single particle and Cooper pair tunnelings on the superconducting state of layered high-Tc cupratesGovind; Ajay; Joshi S.K.
2009Interplay of the single particle and Josephson Cooper pair tunneling on supercurrent across the superconducting quantum dot junctionDhyani A.; Tewari B.S.; Ajay
1996Magnetic properties of quasi-2D antiferromagnetsPratap A.; Ajay; Tripathi R.S.
2001Magnetic properties of undoped YBa2Cu3O6+x systemGovind; Pratap A.; Ajay; Tripathi R.S.
1998Model for-axis resistivity of cuprate superconductorsLal R.; Ajay; Hota R.; Joshi S.
2014Quasi-particle dispersion and density of states in superconducting state of iron pnictide systemRani L.; Ajay
2013Quasi-particle spectrum and density of electronic states in AA- and AB-stacked bilayer grapheneKumar S.; Ajay