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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A fuzzy multiple objective nonlinear optimization problem and its duality resultsGupta, Shiv Kumar; Dangar D.; Ahmad I.; Al-Homidan S.
2021A new approach to solve fully intuitionistic fuzzy linear programming problem with unrestricted decision variablesMalik M.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Ahmad I.
2011A note on higher-order nondifferentiable symmetric duality in multiobjective programmingAgarwal R.P.; Ahmad I.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar
2016A note on strong duality theorem for a multiobjective higher order nondifferentiable symmetric dual programsDebnath I.P.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Ahmad I.
2021Duality for multiobjective variational problems under second-order (Φ, ρ)-invexitySingh V.; Ahmad I.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Al-Homidan S.
2011Duality in nondifferentiable minimax fractional programming with B-(p, r)-invexityAhmad I.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Kailey N.; Agarwal R.P.
2018Duality in nonlinear programming problems under fuzzy environment with exponential membership functionsGupta, Shiv Kumar; Dangar D.; Ahmad I.; Al-Homidan S.
2011Generalized second-order mixed symmetric duality in nondifferentiable mathematical programmingAhmad I.; Agarwal R.P.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Kailey N.
2020Invex and quasi-invex ncp functions and their propertiesAhmad I.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Mishra B.K.
2014N=151Pu, Cm and Cf nuclei under rotational stress: Role of higher-order deformationsHota S.S.; Chowdhury P.; Khoo T.L.; Carpenter M.P.; Janssens R.V.F.; Qiu Y.; Ahmad I.; Greene J.P.; Tandel S.K.; Seweryniak D.; Zhu S.; Bertone P.F.; Chiara C.J.; Deo, A. Y.; D'Olympia N.; Gros S.; Guess C.J.; Harrington T.; Hartley D.J.; Henning G.; Hoffman C.R.; Jackson E.G.; Kondev F.G.; Lakshmi S.; Lauritsen T.; Lister C.J.; McCutchan E.A.; Moran K.; Nair C.; Peterson D.; Shirwadkar U.; Stefanescu I.
2011On sufficiency and duality for nonsmooth multiobjective programming problems involving generalized v -r-invex functionsAhmad I.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Jayswal A.
2008Second-order symmetric duality with cone constraintsGulati T.R.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Ahmad I.
2021Symmetric duality in complex spaces over conesAhmad I.; Agarwal D.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar
2021Using concave optimization methods for inexact quadratic programming problems with an application to waste managementMahajan S.; Gupta, Shiv Kumar; Ahmad I.; Al-Homidan S.