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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A new approach to improve the discharging capacity of sharp-crested triangular plan form weirsKumar S.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Mansoor T.
2014An approach to analyze the flow characteristics of sharp-crested triangular planform contracted weirsGupta K.K.; Kumar S.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2013An expert system for predicting Manning's roughness coefficient in open channels by using gene expression programmingAzamathulla H.M.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Ghani A. Ab.
2014Analysis of flow through lateral rectangular orifices in open channelsHussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Ojha, C. S. P.
2021Analysis of sediment and discharge ratings of Ganga River, IndiaZakwan M.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2011ANFIS-based approach for the estimation of transverse mixing coefficientAhmad, Zulfequar; Azamathulla H.Md.; Zakaria N.A.
2021Block ramps for stream power attenuation in gravel-bed streams: A reviewChaudhary R.K.; Sharma N.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2006Characteristics of flow over bottom racksGhosh S.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2013Computation Of Discharge Through Side Sluice Gate Using Gene-Expression ProgrammingAzamathulla H.M.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Ghani A. Ab.
2021Critical submergence for side circular intake in an open channel flowHashid M.; Hussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2012Direct solution for discharge in circular free overfallAhmad, Zulfequar; Azamathulla H.
2010Discharge characteristics of a trench weirKumar S.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Kothyari U.C.; Mittal M.K.
2015Discharge characteristics of lateral circular intakes in open channel flowHashid M.; Hussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2014Discharge characteristics of orifice spillway under oblique approach flowHussain S.; Hussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2021Discharge Characteristics of Piano Key Weirs with and Without Upstream SiltationKumar B.; Kadia S.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2010Discharge characteristics of sharp-crested circular side orifices in open channelsHussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Asawa G.L.
2020Discharge equation for the gabion weir under through flow conditionShariq A.; Hussain A.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2021Effect of apron roughness on flow characteristics and scour depth under submerged wall jetsAamir M.; Ahmad, Zulfequar
2007Effect of channel cross-section on mixing lengthAhmad, Zulfequar
2006Effect of spacing of submerged vanes on bed scour around river bendsRanjan R.; Ahmad, Zulfequar; Asawa G.L.