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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Accurate polynomial chaos expansion for variability analysis using optimal design of experimentsPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Thakur B.S.; Roy S.
2015Efficient multidimensional statistical modeling of high speed interconnects in SPICE via stochastic collocation using stroud cubatureAhadi M.; Vempa M.; Roy S.
2016Fast multidimensional statistical analysis of microwave networks via stroud cubature approachAhadi M.; Kabir M.; Roy S.; Khazaka R.
2016Hyperbolic polynomial chaos expansion (HPCE) and its application to statistical analysis of nonlinear circuitsAhadi M.; Prasad A.K.; Roy S.
2016Multidimensional Uncertainty Quantification of Microwave/RF Networks Using Linear Regression and Optimal Design of ExperimentsPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Roy, Sourajeet
2015Non-intrusive pseudo spectral approach for stochastic macromodeling of EM systems using deterministic full-wave solversKabir M.; Khazaka R.; Talukder M.A.H.; Ahadi M.; Chobanyan E.; Smull A.; Roy S.; Notaros B.M.
2015Polynomial chaos based variability analysis of power distribution networks using a 3D topology of multiconductor transmission linesPrasad A.K.; Ahadi M.; Roy S.
2016Sparse Linear Regression (SPLINER) Approach for Efficient Multidimensional Uncertainty Quantification of High-Speed CircuitsAhadi M.; Roy, Sourajeet