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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A qualitative approach towards crucial factors for sustainable development of women social entrepreneurship: Indian casesAgarwal S.; Lenka U.; Singh K.; Agrawal V.; Agrawal A.M.
2012Alleviation of heavy metal stress in Spilanthes calva L. (antimalarial herb) by exogenous application of glutathioneShankar V.; Thekkeettil V.; Sharma G.; Agrawal V.
2012Alleviation of salt induced phytotoxicity on in vitro germination and morphogenesis of four chickpea genotypes through benzyladenineShankar V.; Sharma G.; Kumar M.; Agrawal V.
2011An efficient micropropagation protocol of an elite clone EC-353508 of artemisia annua L., an important antimalarial plantSharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.
2012Bioassay of artemisia annua leaf extracts and artemisinin against larvae of culex quinquefasciatus and culex tritaeniorhynchusSharma G.; Kumar K.; Sharma A.; Agrawal V.
2014Biodiversity and in vitro conservation of three medicinally important herbs: Spilanthes acmella L. var. oleraceae Clarke, S. calva L., and S. paniculata Wall. ex DC.Pandey V.; Sharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.
2011Evaluation of genetic fidelity among micropropagated plants raised through long-term nodal cultures of elite clone of artemisia annua L. using DNA-based RAPD markersSharma G.; Shankar V.; Heikrujam M.; Agrawal V.
2013In vitro bio-control of malarial and filarial vectors using crude extract and isolated fractions of medicinal herbs (Spilanthes spp.) and characterization of the larvicidal compoundsPandey V.; Sharma G.; Shankar V.; Agrawal V.; Mahapatra S.C.; Agrawal V.
2013Marked enhancement in the artemisinin content and biomass productivity in Artemisia annua L. shoots co-cultivated with Piriformospora indicaSharma G.; Agrawal V.
2014Simulation of fluidized bed reactor for producing synthesis gas by catalytic CH4-CO2 reformingAgrawal V.; Srivastava V.C.
2014Strong larvicidal potential of Artemisia annua leaf extract against malaria (Anopheles stephensi Liston) and dengue (Aedes aegypti L.) vectors and bioassay-driven isolation of the marker compoundsSharma G.; Kapoor H.; Chopra M.; Kumar K.; Agrawal V.