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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Simplified and Effective GMPP Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic SystemAgrawal S.; Tyagi, Barjeev; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh; Agarwal, Pramod; Sharma P.
2016Antibacterial properties of silver doped TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized via sol-gel techniqueBahadur J.; Agrawal S.; Panwar V.; Parveen A.; Pal, Kaushik
2020Biostratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and sea level changes during pre-collisional (Palaeocene) phase of the Indian plate: palynological evidence from Akli Formation in Giral Lignite Mine, Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, Western India.Prasad V.; Uddandam P.R.; Agrawal S.; Bajpai S.; Singh I.B.; Mishra A.K.; Sharma A.; Kumar M.; Verma P.
2020Carbothermic Microwave Processing for the Enrichment of Iron Ore FinesAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Comparative study of low-grade banded iron ores for iron recoveryAgrawal S.; Rayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2019Comparison of microwave and conventional carbothermal reduction of red mud for recovery of iron valuesAgrawal S.; Rayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2017Effect of Different Photovoltaic Materials on Energetic and Exergetic Performance of Photovoltaic Thermal ArraysRajoria C.S.; Gupta P.K.; Agrawal S.; Tiwari G.N.; Singh D.; Yuan H.L.; Agarwal R.K.; Tandon P.; Wang E.X.
2008Evaluation of approaches for AWiFS multi-date registrationGarg, Rahul D.; Agrawal S.; Dadhwal V.K.
2020Evaluation of carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite jasper oreRayapudi V.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Evaluation of microwave acid baking on Indian red mud sampleAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Evaluation of red mud as a polymetallic source – A reviewAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2018Extraction of Iron values from Red mudAgrawal S.; Rayapudi V.; Dhawan, Nikhil; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2020Hydrometallurgical Investigation of Sericite Clay for Extraction of Alumina and Potash Under Controlled ConditionsKumar A.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2020Investigation of carbothermic microwave reduction followed by acid leaching for recovery of iron and aluminum values from Indian red mudAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Investigation of mechanical and thermal activation on metal extraction from red mudAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2019Investigation of Microwave Exposure on Beneficiation of Low-Grade Banded Iron OreRayapudi V.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2017Lignite deposits of the Kutch Basin, western India: Carbon isotopic and palynological signatures of the early Eocene hyperthermal event ETM2Agrawal S.; Verma P.; Rao M.R.; Garg R.; Kapur V.V.; Bajpai, Sunil
2020Mechano-Chemical Processing of Diaspore Sample for Extraction and Synthesis of Gamma-Alumina and Potash ValuesKumar A.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Microwave acid baking of red mud for extraction of titanium and scandium valuesAgrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil
2021Microwave acid baking process for recovery of rare-earth concentrate from phosphor of end-of-life fluorescent lampsShukla N.; Agrawal S.; Dhawan, Nikhil