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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A surface potential based model for GaN HEMTsAgnihotri S.; Ghosh S.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Chauhan Y.S.; Khandelwal S.
2009Alkoxygen and alkoxygen-AQ delignification of Ipomea carnea and Cannabis sativaDutt, Dharm; Tyagi C.H.; Agnihotri S.; Kumar A.; Siddhartha
2010Bio-soda pulping of lignocellulosic residues of palma rosa grass: An attempt towards energy conversionDutt, Dharm; Tyagi C.H.; Agnihotri S.; Kumar A.; Siddarth
2010Complete characterization of bagasse of early species of saccharum officinerum-Co 89003 for pulp and paper makingAgnihotri S.; Dutt, Dharm; Tyagi C.H.
2012ECF and TCF bleaching of saccharum officinerum-co89003 bagasse soda-aq pulp with alkali-thermo-tolerant crude xylanase from coprinellus disseminatus sw-1 NTCC1165Agnihotri S.; Dutt, Dharm; Vidyarthi A.K.
2016Modeling of trapping effects in GaN HEMTsAgnihotri S.; Ghosh S.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Ahsan S.A.; Khandelwal S.; Chauhan Y.S.
2010Production and biochemical characterization of a novel cellulase-poor alkali-thermo-tolerant xylanase from Coprinellus disseminatus SW-1 NTCC 1165Agnihotri S.; Dutt, Dharm; Tyagi C.H.; Kumar A.; Upadhyaya J.S.
2015Surface-potential-based compact modeling of gate current in AlGaN/GaN HEMTsGhosh S.; Dasgupta, Avirup; Khandelwal S.; Agnihotri S.; Chauhan Y.S.