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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Azide-selective sensor based on tripodal iron complex for direct azide determination in aqueous samplesSingh A.K.; Singh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Mehtab S.
2007Comparative studies of tridentate sulfur and nitrogen-containing ligands as ionophores for construction of cadmium ion-selective membrane sensorsSingh A.K.; Mehtab S.; Singh U.P.; Aggarwal V.
2009High-spin iron(III) complexes: Structural, spectroscopic, and photochemical studiesSingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Kashyap S.
2009Hydrogen-bonded mononuclear nickel(II) benzoate complexes: Synthesis and structural studiesSingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Kashyap S.; Upreti S.
2008Hydrogen-bonding and π-π Stacking inter-actions in tris-(1,10-phenanthroline-2 N,N′)nickel(II) bis-{[1-tert-butyl-imidazole-2(3H)-thione-S]trichloridonickelate(II)} acetonitrile disolvateSingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.
2019Minimalistic Image Signal Processing for Deep Learning ApplicationsLubana E.S.; DIck R.P.; Aggarwal V.; Pradhan, Pyari Mohan
2007Mononuclear cobalt(II) carboxylate complexes: Synthesis, molecular structure and selective oxygenation studySingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Sharma A.K.
2009Nickel pyrazolyl borate complex: Synthesis, structure, and analytical application as benzoate selective sensorSingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Singh A.K.; Mehtab S.
2008Nickel pyrazolyl borate complexes: Synthesis, structure and analytical application in biological and environmental samples as anion selective sensorsSingh A.K.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Mehtab S.
2009Structural studies of nickel(ii) complexes with 1-tert-butylimidazole-2-thione and 3-phenyl-5-methyl-pyrazole ligandsSingh U.P.; Aggarwal V.
2011Synthesis and molecular structure of sulfur containing cobalt compoundsAggarwal V.; Ram Kumar V.; Singh U.P.
2010Synthesis and reactivity studies on new copper(II) complexes: DNA binding, generation of phenoxyl radical, SOD and nuclease activitiesGhosh, Kaushik; Kumar P.; Tyagi N.; Singh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Baratto M.C.
2009Synthesis, characterization and spectroscopic studies of a new ligand [N′-(2-methoxybenzoyl)hydrazinecarbodithioate] ethyl ester and its Mn(II) and Cd(II) complexes: X-ray structural study of Mn(II) complexSingh M.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2009Synthesis, spectroscopic and crystal structure investigation of [Cu(bzsmp) 2 Cl 2 ];{bzsmp = 2-benzylsulfanyl-5-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole}: cyclization of N 2 -[bis(benzylsulfanyl)methylene]-2-methoxybenzohydrazide to 2-benzylsulfanyl-5-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1,3,4 -oxadiazole during complexationSingh M.; Aggarwal V.; Singh U.P.; Singh N.K.
2007Thiocyanate selective sensor based on tripodal zinc complex for direct determination of thiocyanate in biological samplesSingh A.K.; Singh U.P.; Mehtab S.; Aggarwal V.
2008Tripodal cadmium complex and macrocyclic ligand based sensors for phosphate ion determination in environmental samplesKumar A.; Mehtab S.; Singh U.P.; Aggarwal V.; Singh J.
2007Tripodal chelating ligand-based sensor for selective determination of Zn(II) in biological and environmental samplesSingh A.K.; Mehtab S.; Singh U.P.; Aggarwal V.