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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A carrier-transposed modulation technique for multilevel invertersD S.; Agarwal P.; Das B.
2006A comparative evaluation of three-phase high power factor boost converters for power quality improvementBhat A.H.; Agarwal P.
2004A comparative study of strengthening and retrofitting measures for unreinforced brick masonry model under cyclic testingAgarwal P.; Thakkar S.K.
2012A comparative study of symmetrical and asymmetrical controlled high frequency isolated multi-phase DC-DC converterMaurya R.; Srivastava S.P.; Agarwal P.
2018A complete fuzzy logic based real-time simulation of vector controlled PMSM driveMishra A.; Dubey G.; Joshi D.; Agarwal P.; Sriavstava S.P.
2014A comprehensive analysis and implementation of vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motorMishra A.; Agarwal P.; Srivastava S.P.
2004A Control Algorithm for Compensation of Customer-Generated Harmonics and Reactive PowerJain S.K.; Agarwal P.; Gupta H.O.
2005A dedicated microcontroller based fuzzy controlled shunt active power filterJain S.K.; Agarwal P.; Gupta H.O.
2014A five level diode clamped rectifier with novel capacitor voltage balancing schemeNarendrababu A.; Agarwal P.
2007A fuzzy logic controlled three-phase neutralpoint clamped bidirectional pfc rectifierBhat A.H.; Agarwal P.
2006A generalized space vector modulation with simple control technique for balancing DC-bus capacitor voltages of a three-phase, neutral-point clamped converterBhat A.H.; Agarwal P.
2016A Hybrid Nine-level Inverter Topology for an Open-end Stator Winding Induction MotorKumar S.; Agarwal P.
2018A modified T-type single phase five-level inverter with reduced switch voltage stressNarendrababu A.; Yalla N.; Agarwal P.
2018A new 5L-UHPFC with reduced part count for high speed gen-set applicationsYalla N.; Agarwal P.; Urooj S.; Mukhopadhyay S.
2018A New 5L-UHPFC with Reduced Part Count for Wind Energy IntigrationYalla N.; Narendra Babu A.; Agarwal P.
2018A New Architecture for DC Microgrids using SupercapacitorSanjeev P.; Padhy N.P.; Agarwal P.
2020A New MPC-5LRSS High Power Factor ConverterYalla N.; Narendra Babu A.; Agarwal P.
2018A new Multi Point Clamped bi-directional DC-DC converter for renewable energy integrationYalla N.; Agarwal P.
2018A new Three Phase 5L-UIPFC for wind energy applicationsYalla N.; Agarwal P.
2018A new Three Phase 5L-UIPFC with reduced part count for High Speed Gen-Set ApplicationsYalla N.; Agarwal P.