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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A novel method to improve vertical accuracy of CARTOSAT DEM using machine learning modelsKasi V.; Yeditha P.K.; Rathinasamy M.; Pinninti R.; Landa S.R.; Sangamreddi C.; Agarwal, Ankit; Dandu Radha P.R.
2020Accounting for temporal variability for improved precipitation regionalization based on self-organizing map coupled with information theoryGuntu R.K.; Maheswaran R.; Agarwal, Ankit; Singh V.P.
2019Climate change perception: an analysis of climate change and risk perceptions among farmer types of Indian Western HimalayasShukla R.; Agarwal, Ankit; Sachdeva K.; Kurths J.; Joshi P.K.
2018Complex networks for tracking extreme rainfall during typhoonsOzturk U.; Marwan N.; Korup O.; Saito H.; Agarwal, Ankit; Grossman M.J.; Zaiki M.; Kurths J.
2020Complexity-based approach for El Niño magnitude forecasting before the spring predictability barrierMeng J.; Fan J.; Ludescher J.; Agarwal, Ankit; Chen X.; Bunde A.; Kurths J.; Schellnhuber H.J.
2021Constructed wetland management in urban catchments for mitigating floodsKumar S.; Agarwal, Ankit; Villuri V.G.K.; Pasupuleti S.; Kumar D.; Kaushal D.R.; Gosain A.K.; Bronstert A.; Sivakumar B.
2021Disentangling increasing compound extremes at regional scale during Indian summer monsoonGuntu R.K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2019Disentangling the multi-scale effects of sea-surface temperatures on global precipitation: A coupled networks approachEkhtiari N.; Agarwal, Ankit; Marwan N.; Donner R.V.
2021Exploring artificial intelligence techniques for groundwater quality assessmentAgrawal P.; Sinha A.; Kumar S.; Agarwal, Ankit; Banerjee A.; Villuri V.G.K.; Annavarapu C.S.R.; Dwivedi R.; Dera V.V.R.; Sinha J.; Pasupuleti S.
2019Farmer typology to understand differentiated climate change adaptation in HimalayaShukla R.; Agarwal, Ankit; Gornott C.; Sachdeva K.; Joshi P.K.
2020Forecasting of extreme flood events using different satellite precipitation products and wavelet-based machine learning methodsYeditha P.K.; Kasi V.; Rathinasamy M.; Agarwal, Ankit
2018Forensic hydro-meteorological analysis of an extreme flash flood: The 2016-05-29 event in Braunsbach, SW GermanyBronstert A.; Agarwal, Ankit; Boessenkool B.; Crisologo I.; Fischer M.; Heistermann M.; Köhn-Reich L.; López-Tarazón J.A.; Moran T.; Ozturk U.; Reinhardt-Imjela C.; Wendi D.
2021Game theoretic-based modelling of Krishna waters dispute: equilibrium solutions by hypergame analysisPanday D.P.; Khosa R.; Maheswaran R.; Ravikumar K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2021Game-theoretic-based modelling of Krishna waters dispute: equilibrium solutions by Metagame AnalysisPanday D.P.; Khosa R.; Maheswaran R.; Ravikumar K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2016Hydrologic regionalization using wavelet-based multiscale entropy methodAgarwal, Ankit; Maheswaran R.; Sehgal V.; Khosa R.; Sivakumar B.; Bernhofer C.
2020Inter-comparison of gauge-based gridded data, reanalysis and satellite precipitation product with an emphasis on hydrological modelingSetti S.; Maheswaran R.; Sridhar V.; Barik K.K.; Merz B.; Agarwal, Ankit
2021Intercomparison of downscaling methods for daily precipitation with emphasis on wavelet-based hybrid modelsKumar Y.P.; Maheswaran R.; Agarwal, Ankit; Sivakumar B.
2021Metagame analysis of Cauvery River dispute incorporating interannual variability in virgin runoff potential of the basinRavikumar K.; Khosa R.; Agarwal, Ankit
2017Multi-scale event synchronization analysis for unravelling climate processes: A wavelet-based approachAgarwal, Ankit; Marwan N.; Rathinasamy M.; Merz B.; Kurths J.
2021Multiscale investigation of precipitation extremes over Ethiopia and teleconnections to large-scale climate anomaliesBeyene T.K.; Jain M.K.; Yadav B.K.; Agarwal, Ankit