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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Bio-mimicking of superhydrophobic surfaces with structured polyhydroxybutyrate particlesSamyn P;  Rastogi V.
2015Chemical surface homogeneity of an organic nanoparticle coating analyzed by secondary ion mass spectroscopy and imagingSamyn P;  Rastogi V.
2020Comparative Screening of the Structural and Thermomechanical Properties of FDM Filaments Comprising Thermoplastics Loaded with CelluloseKarakoç A.;  Rastogi V.; Isoaho T.; Tardy B.; Paltakari J.; Rojas O.J.
2015 Formulation and characterization of PHB/NFC blends for potential thermoforming applicationsSamyn P; Herberger T;  Rastogi V.
2018Formulation and processing of PHB with fibrillated cellulose for nanocomposite films and paper coatingSamyn P;  Rastogi V.
2015PHB/NFC blends for composite and coating applicationsSamyn P;  Rastogi V.
2018Synthesis of PHB micro- to nanoscale particles for bio-based packagingSamyn P;  Rastogi V.