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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Atomic layer deposition of cobalt oxide on oxide substrates and low temperature reduction to form ultrathin cobalt metal filmsZhang Z.; Nallan H.C.; Coffey B.M.; Ngo T.Q.; Pramanik, Tanmoy; Banerjee S.K.; Ekerdt J.G.
2011Effect of silica and silicone oil on the mechanical and thermal properties of silicone rubberZhang C.; Liu L.; Zhang Z.; Pal, Kaushik; Kim J.K.
2019Light-induced metal-free transformations of unactivated pyridotriazolesZhang Z.; Yadagiri, Dongari; Gevorgyan V.
2014Validation of a new meteorological forcing data in analysis of spatial and temporal variability of precipitation in IndiaLi L.; Xu C.-Y.; Zhang Z.; Jain, Sharad Kumar