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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Free-space optical links using phase singularityYadav B.K.; Kandpal H.C.
2013Genetic Structure of Tibeto-Burman Populations of Bangladesh: Evaluating the Gene Flow along the Sides of Bay-of-BengalGazi N.N.; Tamang R.; Singh V.K.; Ferdous A.; Pathak A.K.; Singh M.; Anugula S.; Veeraiah P.; Kadarkaraisamy S.; Yadav B.K.; Reddy A.G.; Rani D.S.; Qadri S.S.; Singh L.; Chaubey G.; Thangaraj K.
2015Groundwater vulnerability assessment to contamination using soil moisture flow and solute transport modelingYadav B.K.; Junaid S.M.
2012Identification of trends in rainfall, rainy days and 24h maximum rainfall over subtropical Assam in Northeast IndiaJhajharia D.; Yadav B.K.; Maske S.; Chattopadhyay S.; Kar A.K.
2020In Situ Bioremediation of Toluene-Polluted Vadose Zone: Integrated Column and Wetland StudyBasu S.; Yadav B.K.; Mathur S.; Gupta P.K.
2007Information encoding by spectral anomalies of spatially coherent light diffracted by an annular apertureYadav B.K.; Rizvi S.A.M.; Raman S.; Mehrotra R.; Kandpal H.C.
2008Information exchange in free space using spectral switching of diffracted polychromatic light: possibilities and limitationsYadav B.K.; Raman S.; Kandpal H.C.
2020Migration of CO2 through Carbonate Cores: Effect of Salinity, Pressure, and Cyclic Brine- CO2 InjectionShachi; Yadav B.K.; Rahman M.A.; Pal M.
2008Modeling soil water uptake by plants using nonlinear dynamic root density distribution functionYadav B.K.; Mathur S.
2011Multi-level information encoding through spectral switches and multiple FSO link formation in the phase singularity domainYadav B.K.; Kandpal H.C.
2010Numerical calculation based study of spectral anomalies and their applications in modified Mach-Zehnder interferometerBisht N.S.; Yadav B.K.; Kanseri B.; Kandpal H.C.; Sharma E.K.
2018Performance evaluation of duplex constructed wetlands for the treatment of diesel contaminated wastewaterMustapha H.I.; Gupta P.K.; Yadav B.K.; van Bruggen J.J.A.; Lens P.N.L.
2009Phytoextraction modeling of heavy metal (Lead) contaminated site using maize (Zea Mays)Mathur S.; Yadav B.K.
2014Remediation of lnapl contaminated groundwater using plant-assisted biostimulation and bioaugmentation methodsYadav B.K.; Ansari F.A.; Basu S.; Mathur A.
2011Rhizofiltration of a Heavy Metal (Lead) Containing Wastewater Using the Wetland Plant Carex pendulaYadav B.K.; Siebel M.A.; van Bruggen J.J.A.
2018Simulation-optimization approach for the consideration of well clogging during cost estimation of in situ bioremediation systemYadav B.; Mathur S.; Ch S.; Yadav B.K.
2009Soil moisture dynamics modeling considering the root compensation mechanism for water uptake by plantsYadav B.K.; Mathur S.; Siebel M.A.
2009Soil moisture flow modeling with water uptake by plants (wheat) under varying soil and moisture conditionsYadav B.K.; Mathur S.; Siebel M.A.
2011Spectral anomalies of polychromatic DHGB and its applications in FSOYadav B.K.; Kandpal H.C.
2014Spectral switching-based fan-out architecture and information processing in free-spaceYadav B.K.; Kandpal H.C.