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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Design and optimization of nonlinear tapers using particle swarm optimizationChauhan N.; Mittal A.; Wagner D.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Thumm M.K.
2003Development of frequency step tunable 1 MW gyrotrons in D-bandThumm M.; Arnold A.; Bone E.; Dammertz G.; Drumm O.; Heidinger R.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Koppenburg K.; Meier A.; Piosczyk B.; Wagner D.; Yang X.
2002Possibilities for multifrequency operation of a gyrotron at FZKBorie E.; Drumm O.; Illy S.; Koppenburg K.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Piosczyk B.; Wagner D.; Yang X.; Dammertz G.; Thumm M.K.