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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Adaptive digital differential protection of transformer improvement over the fixed bias schemeVerma H.K.; Maheshwari R.P.
1997Adaptive digital differential relay of parabolic characteristic for transformer protectionMaheshwari R.P.; Verma H.K.
1997Adaptive digital differential relay with overexcitation and inrush restraintMaheshwari R.P.; Verma H.K.
1997Adaptive digital relay for comprehensive distance protection of traction overhead equipmentMaheshwari R.P.; Verma H.K.
2007Adaptive threshold-based block classification in medical image compression for teleradiologySingh S.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2005Advances in transformer protection: A reviewTripathy, Manoj; Maheshwari R.P.; Verma H.K.
1998ANN-based QRS-complex analysis of ECGVijaya G.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2007Application of probabilistic neural network for differential relaying of power transformerTripathy, Manoj; Maheshwari R.P.; Verma H.K.
2012Automation and remote control of volumetric calibrator using RS-485/MODBUS protocolBhatt U.; Verma H.K.; Kumar A.
2018Blast induced rock mass damage around tunnelsVerma H.K.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Goel R.K.; Singh P.K.
1997Diagnostic acceptability of FFT-based ECG data compressionKulkarni P.K.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2007DWT-DCT hybrid scheme for medical image compressionSingh S.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2009ECG delineation techniques and applications in Cobra venom interacted patientsMaheshwari R.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.
2006ECG modeling and QRS detection using principal component analysisChawla M.P.S.; Verma H.K.; Kumar V.
2018Empirical and probabilistic analysis of blast-induced ground vibrationsMurmu S.; Maheshwari, Priti; Verma H.K.
2012Energy performance analysis of a Hydro-turbine test lab: An architectural approachSharma A.; Chani, Prabhjot Singh; Dongardive A.M.; Verma H.K.
2009Image pre-processing algorithms for detection of small/point airoorne targetsSrivastava H.B.; Kumar V.; Verma H.K.; Sundaram S.S.
1997Intelligent digital differential relay for transformer protectionVerma H.K.; Maheshwari R.P.
2014Investigation of excavation damage zone in Himalayan tunnelVerma H.K.; Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Prasad V.V.R.
2016Mathematical modeling and simulation of flow velocity profile for rectangular open channelsGandhi, Bhupendra K.; Verma H.K.; Abraham B.