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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Polyphenolic flavonoid (Myricetin) upregulated proteasomal degradation mechanisms: Eliminates neurodegenerative proteins aggregationJoshi V.; Mishra R.; Upadhyay A.; Amanullah A.; Poluri K.M.; Singh S.; Kumar A.; Mishra A.
2008Shear lag prediction in symmetrical laminated composite box beams using artificial neural networkChandak R.; Upadhyay A.; Bhargava P.
2020Shear Resistance Models of Girders with Corrugated WebsInaam Q.; Upadhyay A.; Bhaduri A.K.; Kumar R.S.; Nagesha A.; Sasikala G.; Prakash R.V.
2005Simplified design of composite slabs using slip block testMohan Ganesh G.; Upadhyay A.; Kaushik S.K.
2008Slip block test: Interpretation and validationLute V.; Upadhyay A.
2009Support vector machine based aerodynamic analysis of cable stayed bridgesLute V.; Upadhyay A.; Singh K.K.
2009Validity of simplified analysis for the stability of laminated composite stiffened panels subjected to in-plane shearMallelat U.K.; Upadhyay A.