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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Dependence of the two-photon absorption cross section on the conjugation of the phenylacetylene linker in dipolar donor-bridge-acceptor chromophoresLee S.; Thomas K.R.J.; Thayumanavan S.; Bardeen C.J.
2019Design-to-Device Approach Affords Panchromatic Co-Sensitized Solar CellsCooper C.B.; Beard E.J.; Vázquez-Mayagoitia à .; Stan L.; Stenning G.B.G.; Nye D.W.; Vigil J.A.; Tomar T.; Jia J.; Bodedla G.B.; Chen S.; Gallego L.; Franco S.; Carella A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Xue S.; Zhu X.; Cole J.M.
2012Dithienylthienothiadiazole-based organic dye containing two cyanoacrylic acid anchoring units for dye-sensitized solar cellsSharma G.D.; Mikroyannidis J.A.; Roy M.S.; Thomas K.R.J.; Ball R.J.; Kurchania R.
2017Effect of Donors on Photophysical, Electrochemical and Photovoltaic Properties of Benzimidazole-Branched DyesBodedla G.B.; Thomas K.R.J.; Fan M.-S.; Ho K.-C.
2019Effect of electron rich π-linkers on the functional properties of dyes featuring dithieno[3,2-b:2′,3′-d]pyrrole donorKumar S.; Thomas K.R.J.; Li C.-T.; Fan M.-S.; Ho K.-C.
2017Effect of electron-deficient linkers on the physical and photovoltaic properties of dithienopyrrole-based organic dyesKumar S.; Thomas K.R.J.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2012Efficient bulk heterojunction solar cells using tetrasubstituted pyrene derivatives as donorsThomas K.R.J.; Kapoor N.; Roy M.S.; Sharma G.D.
2005Efficient red-emitting cyclometaiated iridium(III) complexes containing lepidine-based ligandsThomas K.R.J.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Chien C.-H.; Tao Y.-T.; Wen Y.S.; Hu Y.-H.; Chou P.-T.
2013Electroanalytical performance of Cd(II) selective sensor based on PVC membranes of 5,5′-(5,5′-benzo[c][1,2,5]thiadiazole-4,7-diyl)bis(thiophene-5,2-diyl))bis(N1,N1,N3,N3-tetraphenylbenzene-1,3-diamine)Singh A.K.; Jain A.K.; Upadhyay A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Singh P.
2018Enabling a 6.5% External Quantum Efficiency Deep-Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diode with a Solution-Processable Carbazole-Based EmitterJou J.-H.; Li J.-L.; Sahoo S.; Dubey D.K.; Kumar Yadav R.A.; Joseph V.; Thomas K.R.J.; Wang C.-W.; Jayakumar J.; Cheng C.-H.
2005Energy and electron transfer in bifunctional non-conjugated dendrimersThomas K.R.J.; Thompson A.L.; Sivakumar A.V.; Bardeen C.J.; Thayumanavan S.
2009Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on an organic dye by incorporating TiO2 nanotube in a TiO2 nanoparticle filmLee K.-M.; Suryanarayanan V.; Huang J.-H.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Ho K.-C.
1999Ferrocene end-capped palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes with thiophene spacersThomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Lin K.-J.
2012Fine tuning the performance of DSSCs by variation of the π-spacers in organic dyes that contain a 2,7-diaminofluorene donorBaheti A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
1995Five-coordinate copper(II) complexes of GEM-N3P3Ph2(dmpz)4Thomas K.R.J.; Tharmaraj P.; Chandrasekhar V.; Scott S.R.; Wallace Cordes A.
2010Fluoranthene-based triarylamines as hole-transporting and emitting materials for efficient electroluminescent devicesKapoor N.; Thomas K.R.J.
2012Fluorene-based organic dyes containing acetylene linkage for dye-sensitized solar cellsSingh P.; Baheti A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2014Functional tuning of phenothiazine-based dyes by a benzimidazole auxiliary chromophore: An account of optical and photovoltaic studiesBodedla G.B.; Thomas K.R.J.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2002Green and yellow electroluminescent dipolar carbazole derivatives: Features and benefits of electron-withdrawing segmentsThomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.
1995Heterobimetallic (pd, pt, cu) complexes of hexapyrazolylcyclotriphosphazene via simultaneous geminal (n2) and nongeminal (n3) coordination modesThomas K.R.J.; Chandrasekhar V.; Bryan C.D.; Cordes A.W.