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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Capacitive and resistive sensing based on compensated relaxation oscillatorTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2020Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Computationally Efficient Discrete Fourier Transforms for Frequency EstimationTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2013De-noising of seismic signal based on Gabor transformKumar R.; Sumathi, Parasuraman; Kumar A.
2021Embedded dual PZT-based monitoring for curing of concreteAlexander S.J.; Sumathi, Parasuraman; Panigrahi S.K.; Gopalakrishnan N.
2021Finer Granularity DFT Bins with Moving Window for Capacitance SensingTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2010FPGA implementation of an amplitude-modulated continuous-wave ultrasonic ranger using restructured phase-locking schemeSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2019Frequency Estimation Based on Moving-Window DFT with Fractional Bin-Index for Capacitance MeasurementTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2020Frequency estimation techniques in capacitance-to-frequency conversion measurementTyagi T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2019Instrument Control through GPIB-USB Communication with LabVIEWSumathi, Parasuraman; Peter D.
2008Integrated phase-locking scheme for SDFT-based harmonic analysis of periodic signalsSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2014Mono-component AM-FM signal decomposition using SRF-PLLGeorge A.K.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2017Mono-component AM–FM Signal Decomposition Based on Discrete Second-Order Generalized Integrator Phase-Locked LoopGeorge A.K.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2015Moving Window Filter Based Frequency-Locked Loop for Capacitance MeasurementHazarika J.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2016Moving-Window DFT Based Frequency-Locked Loop for FM DemodulationSingh K.M.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2011Phase locking scheme based on look-up-table-assisted sliding discrete Fourier transform for low-frequency power and acoustic signalsSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2013Power system frequency estimation based on spectral peak location techniquesTeka T.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2018Pre-filtered Phase-Locking Scheme for Multi-component AM–FM Signal DecompositionGeorge A.K.; Sumathi, Parasuraman
2010SDFT-based ultrasonic range finder using AM continuous wave and online parameter estimationSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2008Sliding DFT based ultrasonic rangerSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2015Sliding DFT-based vibration mode estimator for single-link flexible manipulatorShitole C.; Sumathi, Parasuraman