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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Performance analysis of a three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor under unbalanced sinusoidal and balanced non-sinusoidal supply voltagesThanga Raj C.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2012Performance investigation of DSP based self-controlled PMSM driveWilson V.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2010Performance investigation of modified hysteresis current controller with the permanent magnet synchronous motor driveTiwari A.N.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2011Performance investigation of Multipulse Converter for Low Voltage High Current applicationsMaurya R.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2016Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive with wheel slip control in traction applicationHalder S.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
1977Rapid TLC separation of some closely related coupled products of ?-ketosester with aryldiazonium chlorides.Srivastava S.P.; Goyal R.N.; Jain Rajeev; Kumar Anil
2009Realization on PSO based induction motor design via SPEED/PC-IMDRaj C.T.; Srivastava S.P.; Agarwal, Pramod
1977reinvestigation.Kinetics of Ag+ - catalysed oxidation of 1,3- propanediol by peroxydisulphate ion-aSrivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil
2017Resolver based position estimation of vector controlled PMSM drive fed by matrix converterHalder S.; Agrawal A.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2012Rotor flux based MRAS for sensorless operation of three level inverter fed induction motorGiribabu D.; Srivastava S.P.; Pathak, M. K.
2012Rotor flux-based MRAS for three level inverter fed induction motor drive using fuzzy logic controllerDyanamina G.; Srivastava S.P.; Pathak, M. K.
1991Selective oxidation of xylidines by peroxydisulphate ion - oxidation of 2,3-, 2,6- and 3,5 - xylidines.Srivastava S.P.; Kumar Anil; Sinha S.; Panwar A.
2012Sensitivity analysis of model-based controller applied to loss minimization of induction motorAnil Chandrakanth S.; Kumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Srivastava S.P.
2012Sensorless control of switched reluctance motor drive: An analytical methodMakwana J.A.; Mishra A.; Agarwal, Pramod; Srivastava S.P.
2018Simple analytical design of lead compensator for Qube servo systemHote, Yogesh Vijay; Srivastava S.P.
2013Solar direct torque controlled induction motor drive for industrial applicationsPanda A.; Pathak, M. K.; Srivastava S.P.
2013Symmetrical and asymmetrical controlled three-phase high frequency isolated DC-DC converterMaurya R.; Srivastava S.P.; Agarwal, Pramod
1978Thin layer chromatography or some closely related physiologically active 2- benzoyl benzofuranderiavatives.Srivastava S.P.; Mahesh V.K.; Sharma R.; Kumar Anil
1977TLC separation of closely related diols.Srivastava S.P.; Dua V.K.; Kumar Anil
2012Voltage sag effects on energy-optimal controlled induction motor with time-varying loadsKumar N.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj; Srivastava S.P.