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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Effects of beam and magnetic field parameters on highly competing TE 01 and TE21 modes of vane loaded gyro-TWTSingh G.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Sinha A.K.; Basu B.N.
2018Energy distribution of electrons from cathode in magnetron injection gunMishra A.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Sinha A.K.; Bera A.
2002Equivalent circuit analysis of helix-loaded waveguide for gyro-TWTsKartikeyan M.V.; Sinha A.K.; Thumm M.K.
2009Experimental study of nuclei in the vicinity of the "island of inversion" through the fusion-evaporation reactionChakrabarti R.; Mukhopadhyay S.; Krishichayan; Chakraborty A.; Ghosh A.; Ray S.; Ghugre S.S.; Sinha A.K.; Chaturvedi L.; Deo A.Y.; Mazumdar I.; Joshi P.K.; Palit R.; Naik Z.; Kumar S.; Madhavan N.; Singh R.P.; Muralithar S.; Yogi B.K.; Garg U.
1988Forced Convective Mass Transfer In AnnuliRai B.N.; Sinha A.K.; Ghosh U.K.; Upadhyay S.N.
2014Ion beam irradiation of ZnS dispersed in PMMA and its photocatalytic applicationDutta R.K.; Bind U.C.; Krishna J.B.M.; Sinha A.K.; Taki G.S.
2016Low complexity opportunistic interference alignment in K-Transmitter MIMO interference channelsSinha A.K.; Chaturvedi A.K.
2013Multi-level SINR thresholding for reduced complexity MIMO detectionSinha A.K.; Agarwal M.; Chaturvedi A.K.