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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015In silico and proteomic analysis of protein methyltransferase CheR from Bacillus subtilisBatra M.; Sharma R.; Chandra V.; Aggarwal M.; Agarwal U.; Gupta P.; Singh R.P.; Tomar S.
2013Isolation and biochemical characterization of crude xylanase from Coprinus cinereus AT-1 MTCC 9695 and its effectiveness in biodeinking of SOPDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Singh R.P.; Gautam A.; Agnohotri S.; Kumar A.
2005Lifetime measurements in112SbDeo A.Y.; Tandel S.K.; Patel S.B.; Rao P.V.M.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Kumar R.; Bhowmik R.K.; Amita
2017Maintenance of EBPR in an aerobic baffled reactor under varying total phosphorus concentration using dried powdered sludge and molassesYadav D.; Anand R.S.; Singh R.P.; Pruthi V.; Kumar P.
2017Molecular Cloning and Characteristic Features of a Novel Extracellular Tyrosinase from Aspergillus niger PA2Agarwal P.; Singh J.; Singh R.P.
2014Mustard oil cake as an inexpensive support for production of chitin deacetylase by Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51 under solid-state fermentationPareek N.; Ghosh S.; Singh R.P.; Vivekanand V.
1999Nutrient requirement for UASB process: A reviewSingh R.P.; Kumar S.; Ojha C.S.P.
2017Observed side feeding in incomplete fusion dynamics in 16O + 160Gd reaction at energy ?5.6 MeV/A: Spin distribution measurementsAli R.; Afzal Ansari M.; Singh D.; Kumar R.; Singh D.P.; Sharma M.K.; Gupta U.; Singh B.P.; Shidling P.D.; Negi D.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Bhowmik R.K.
2001Optimisation of fermentation conditions for gluconic acid production by a mutant of Aspergillus nigerSingh O.V.; Sharma A.; Singh R.P.
2011Optimization of medium composition for enhanced chitin deacetylase production by mutant Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51 using response surface methodology under submerged fermentationPareek N.; Singh R.P.; Ghosh S.
2009Organic loading rate/flow rate regulation during start-UP phase in UASB reactorSingh R.P.; Ojha C.S.P.
2018Parity doublet structures in doubly-odd Fr 216Pragati; Deo A.Y.; Tandel S.K.; Bhattacharjee S.S.; Chakraborty S.; Rai S.; Wahid S.G.; Kumar S.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Bala I.; Garg R.; Jain A.K.
2009Parthenium sp. as a plant biomass for the production of alkalitolerant xylanase from mutant Penicillium oxalicum SAUE-3.510 in submerged fermentationDwivedi P.; Vivekanand V.; Ganguly R.; Singh R.P.
2011Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51: A mutagenised strain for enhanced production of chitin deacetylase for bioconversion to chitosanPareek N.; Vivekanand V.; Dwivedi P.; Singh R.P.
2012Phase correlation study of coherent singular optical beamJaiswal V.K.; Singh R.P.; Kandpal H.C.; Sinha R.K.
2020Phycoremediation coupled biomethane production employing sewage wastewater: Energy balance and feasibility analysisBrar A.; Kumar M.; Singh R.P.; Vivekanand V.; Pareek N.
2019Phylogenetic analysis of haemagglutinin gene deciphering a new genetically distinct lineage of canine distemper virus circulating among domestic dogs in IndiaBhatt M.; Rajak K.K.; Chakravarti S.; Yadav A.K.; Kumar A.; Gupta V.; Chander V.; Mathesh K.; Chandramohan S.; Sharma A.K.; Mahendran K.; Sankar M.; Muthuchelvan D.; Gandham R.K.; Baig M.; Singh R.P.; Singh R.K.
2012Prevalence of sand flies and Leishmania donovani infection in a natural population of female Phlebotomus argentipes in Bihar state, IndiaTiwary P.; Kumar D.; Singh R.P.; Rai M.; Sundar S.
2014Process optimization for fabrication of gellan based electrospun nanofibersVashisth P.; Pruthi P.A.; Singh R.P.; Pruthi V.
2020Production and characterization of Komagataeibacter xylinus SGP8 nanocellulose and its calcite based composite for removal of Cd ionsBhattacharya A.; Sadaf A.; Dubey S.; Singh R.P.; Khare S.K.