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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Variation of seismic coda wave attenuation in the Garhwal region, northwestern HimalayaTripathi J.N.; Singh P.; Sharma M.L.
2017Waste-Free Swift Synthesis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Diarylmethyl Thioethers from Diaryl CarbinolsSingh P.; Peddinti R.K.
2017Wirelike dinuclear ruthenium(II)polyterpyridine complexes based on D–P–A architecture: Experimental and theoretical investigationSingh P.; Rana P.J.S.; Kar P.
2018Writer identification using texture features: A comparative studySingh P.; Roy P.P.; Raman B.
2014Yrast structure of the shell model nucleus Nb 89Singh P.; Palit R.; Saha S.; Sethi J.; Biswas S.; Choudhury D.; Srivastava P.C.; Trivedi T.
2008ZnO nanocrystalline powder synthesized by ultrasonic mist-chemical vapour depositionSingh P.; Kumar A.; Deepak; Kaur D.