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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Preparation and characterization of lithium manganese oxide cubic spinel Li1.03Mn1.97O4 doped with Mg and FeSingh P.; Sil A.; Nath M.; Ray S.
2010Preparation and characterization of lithium manganese oxide cubic spinel Li1.03Mn1.97O4 doped with Mg and FeSingh P.; Sil A.; Nath M.; Ray S.
2017PTSA–catalyzed functionalization of hydroquinones with benzhydryl alcohols in waterSingh P.; Singh U.P.; Peddinti R.K.
2020Quantification of role of impedance contrast in site-city-interaction effects on the responses of buildings and basinNarayan J.P.; Singh P.; Verma S.
2017Region of Interest based robust watermarking scheme exploiting the homogeneity analysisSingh P.; Raman B.; Misra M.
2005Regional flow duration curve for a Himalayan river ChenabArora M.; Goel N.K.; Singh P.; Singh R.D.
2016Relative availability of inorganic N-pools shifts under land use change: An unexplored variable in soil carbon dynamicsSrivastava P.; Singh P.K.; Singh R.; Bhadouria R.; Singh D.K.; Singh S.; Afreen T.; Tripathi S.; Singh P.; Singh H.; Raghubanshi A.S.
2018Reversible data hiding based on Shamir's secret sharing for color images over cloudSingh P.; Raman B.
2017Reversible data hiding for rightful ownership assertion of images in encrypted domain over cloudSingh P.; Raman B.
2010Room temperature growth of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 thin films by dc magnetron sputteringSingh P.; Kaur D.
2017Rotation and script independent text detection from video frames using sub pixel mappingMittal A.; Roy P.P.; Singh P.; Raman B.
2017Ruthenium Bis(terpyridine) Complexes Based on D-P-A Functionalization: Experimental and Theoretical EvidencesRana P.J.S.; Singh P.; Kar P.
2018SecMed: A Secure Approach for Proving Rightful Ownership of Medical Images in Encrypted Domain over CloudPandey A.K.; Singh P.; Agarwal N.; Raman B.
2017Secure cloud-based image tampering detection and localization using POB number systemSingh P.; Raman B.; Agarwal N.; Atrey P.K.
2018Secure data deduplication using secret sharing schemes over cloudSingh P.; Agarwal N.; Raman B.
2012Selenadiazolopyridine: A synthon for supramolecular assembly and complexes with metallophilic interactionsMukherjee G.; Singh P.; Ganguri C.; Sharma S.; Singh H.B.; Goel N.; Singh U.P.; Butcher R.J.
2012Small quadrupole deformation for the dipole bands in 112InTrivedi T.; Palit R.; Sethi J.; Saha S.; Kumar S.; Naik Z.; Parkar V.V.; Naidu B.S.; Deo A.Y.; Raghav A.; Joshi P.K.; Jain H.C.; Sihotra S.; Mehta D.; Jain A.K.; Choudhury D.; Negi D.; Roy S.; Chattopadhyay S.; Singh A.K.; Singh P.; Biswas D.C.; Bhowmik R.K.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Kumar R.; Rani K.
2002Snowmelt runoff modelling in Beas river basin - A case studyThomas T.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Jaiswal R.K.
2006Spatial distribution and seasonal variability of rainfall in a mountainous basin in the Himalayan regionArora M.; Singh P.; Goel N.K.; Singh R.D.
2018Stability enhancement of slope with Self Drilling AnchorsSingh P.; Mittal S.