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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Ecofriendly treatment of aloe vera fibers for PLA based green compositesChaitanya S.; Singh I.
2018Effect of chemical treatment on mechanical behavior of banana fiber reinforced polymer compositesKomal U.K.; Verma V.; Aswani T.; Verma N.; Singh I.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2010Effect of EDM process parameters on surface quality of Al 6063 SiC p metal matrix compositeDvivedi A.; Kumar P.; Singh I.
2018Effect of environmental conditioning on natural fiber reinforced epoxy compositesLila M.K.; Singh B.; Pabla B.S.; Singh I.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2017Effect of fiber type on thermal and mechanical behavior of epoxy based compositesLila M.K.; Saini G.K.; Kannan M.; Singh I.
2015Effect of super-exchange interaction on ground state magnetic properties of spin-dependent Falicov-Kimball model on a triangular latticeKumar S.; Yadav U.K.; Maitra T.; Singh I.; Chitra R.; Sahoo N.K.; Bhattacharyya D.
2013Electric discharge drilling of metal matrix composites with different tool geometriesSingh A.; Kumar P.; Singh I.
2018Electric discharge drilling of micro holes in CFRP laminatesKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh I.
2017Electric discharge hole grinding in hybrid metal matrix compositeKumar R.; Singh A.; Singh I.
2017Electric discharge sawing of hybrid metal matrix compositesKumar R.; Singh I.
2013Electro discharge drilling of hybrid MMCKumar R.; Singh I.; Kumar D.
2008Experimental investigation and optimisation in EDM of Al 6063 SiCp metal matrix compositeDvivedi A.; Kumar P.; Singh I.
2007Extraction and recovery of Ga(III) from waste material using Cyanex 923Gupta B.; Mudhar N.; Begum I. Z.; Singh I.
2013Extraction and separation of platinum, palladium and rhodium using Cyanex 923 and their recovery from real samplesGupta B.; Singh I.
2014Extraction and separation studies on Pt(IV), Ir(III) and Rh(III) using sulphur containing extractantGupta B.; Singh I.; Mahandra H.
2018Fabrication of micro holes in CFRP laminates using EDMKumar R.; Agrawal P.K.; Singh I.
2010Failure prediction in glass fiber reinforced plastics laminates with drilled hole under uni-axial loadingRakesh P.K.; Singh I.; Kumar D.
2005Finite element analysis of effect of machining direction on fibre orientation of FRP compositesNayak D.; Singh I.; Bhatnagar N.; Mahajan P.
2012Finite element model for microwave heating of thermoplastic compositesBajpai P.K.; Singh I.; Madaan J.
2012Flexural behaviour of glass fibre-reinforced plastic laminates with drilled holeRakesh P.K.; Singh I.; Kumar D.