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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Vector control of asymmetrical six-phase synchronous motorIqbal A.; Singh G.K.; Pant V.
2004Vibration signal analysis using wavelet transform for isolation and identification of electrical faults in induction machineSingh G.K.; Saad Ahmed S.A.K.
2012Voltage sag assessment in a large chemical industryGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2015Voltage Sag Mitigation Strategies for an Indian Power Systems: A Case StudyGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2003Voltage source inverter driven multi-phase induction machineSingh G.K.; Pant V.; Singh Y.P.
2016Wide area adaptive hybrid fuzzy STATCOM controller for dynamic stability enhancementGanesh A.; Dahiya R.; Singh G.K.
2015Wind-driven stand-alone six-phase self-excited induction generator transients under different loading conditionsSenthil Kumar A.; Munda J.L.; Singh G.K.