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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Minimisation of financial losses due to voltage sag by reconfiguration of distribution networkGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2009Minimisation of voltage sags-induced financial losses in an Indian distribution system using a static VAR compensatorGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2009Minimization of financial losses due to voltage sag in an indian distribution system using D-STATCOMGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2011Minimization of voltage sag induced financial losses in distribution systems using FACTS devicesGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2017Mobile phone based diabetic retinopathy detection system using ANN-DWTKashyap N.; Singh D.K.; Singh G.K.
2005Modeling and analysis of multi-phase (six-phase) self-excited induction generatorSingh G.K.; Yadav K.B.; Saini R.P.
2015Modeling and Analysis of Six-phase Self-excited Induction Generator Using Mixed Stator Current and Magnetizing Flux as State-space VariablesSingh K.; Singh G.K.
2011Modeling and analysis of six-phase synchronous generator for stand-alone renewable energy generationSingh G.K.
2008Modeling and experimental analysis of a self-excited six-phase induction generator for stand-alone renewable energy generationSingh G.K.
2019Modeling and experimental analysis of grid-connected six-phase induction generator for variable speed wind energy conversion systemChinmaya K.A.; Singh G.K.
2016Modeling and Simulation of a Pilot-Scale Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier for the Gasification of High Ash Indian Coal Using Eulerian Granular ApproachSingh G.K.; Mohanty B.; Mondal P.; Chavan P.; Datta S.
1999Modeling of a multi-phase induction machine under fault conditionPant V.; Singh G.K.; Singh S.N.
2017Modelling, design and stability analysis of an improved SEPIC converter for renewable energy systemsDileep G.; Singh S.N.; Singh G.K.
2015Modified artificial bee colony based computationally efficient multilevel thresholding for satellite image segmentation using Kapur's, Otsu and Tsallis functionsBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2010Modified PSO and wavelet transform-based fault classification on transmission systemsUpendar J.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2002Multi-phase induction machine drive research - A surveySingh G.K.
1992Multiphase power transmission research-A surveyTiwari S.N.; Singh G.K.; Bin Saroor A.S.
1993Observation on design and analysis of six-phase induction motorSingh G.K.; Tiwari S.N.; Kumar A.
1991Observations on the design of distributed armature winding by poly phase symmetrisationBhattacharyya M.; Singh G.K.
2016Optimal sub-band adaptive thresholding based edge preserved satellite image denoising using adaptive differential evolution algorithmBhandari A.K.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.