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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013EEG/ERP adaptive noise canceller design with controlled search space (CSS) approach in cuckoo and other optimization algorithmsAhirwal M.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2011Effect of equipment sensitivity on placement of facts devices for voltage sag mitigationGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2017Effects of air pollution for estimating global solar radiation in IndiaSuthar M.; Singh G.K.; Saini R.P.
2017Efficient compression technique based on temporal modelling of ECG signal using principle component analysisKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.; Lee H.-N.
2018Eigenvalue analysis of six-phase synchronous motor for small signal stabilityIqbal A.; Singh G.K.
2016Electrocardiogram signal compression based on 2D-transforms: A research overviewKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2015Electrocardiogram signal compression based on singular value decomposition (SVD) and adaptive scanning wavelet difference reduction (ASWDR) techniqueKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2016Electrocardiogram signal compression using singular coefficient truncation and wavelet coefficient codingKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
1993Estimation of torque-slip characteristic of induction motor operating on non-sinusoidal supply, a computerized approachSingh G.K.; Bhattacharyya M.
2019Experimental analysis of various space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) techniques for dual three-phase induction motor driveChinmaya K.A.; Singh G.K.
2003Experimental investigations on induction machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis using digital signal processing techniquesAl Kazzaz S.A.S.; Singh G.K.
2010Fault classification scheme based on the adaptive resonance theory neural network for protection of transmission linesUpendar J.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2018Feature extraction of ECG signalChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2001Graph theory based dynamic simulation of HVDC link with GTO inverterSingh S.N.; Singh G.K.
2017High order stable infinite impulse response filter design using cuckoo search algorithmAgrawal N.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh G.K.
2016Hybrid method based on singular value decomposition and embedded zero tree wavelet technique for ECG signal compressionKumar R.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2020Image Segmentation Using Multilevel Thresholding: A Research ReviewPare S.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.; Bajaj V.
2015Improved feature extraction scheme for satellite images using NDVI and NDWI technique based on DWT and SVDBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2015Improved knee transfer function and gamma correction based method for contrast and brightness enhancement of satellite imageBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2014Improved range selection method for evolutionary algorithm based adaptive filtering of EEG/ERP signalsAhirwal M.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.