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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Capacitive self-excitation in a six-phase induction generator for small hydro power - An experimental investigationSingh G.K.; Yadav K.B.; Saini R.P.
2019Chaos control of permanent magnet synchronous motor using simple controllersIqbal A.; Singh G.K.
2019Coefficient Reduction Method for Stopband Ripple Minimization of IFIR FilterChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2013Comparison of mathematical models of photo-voltaic (PV) module and effect of various parameters on its performanceSuthar M.; Singh G.K.; Saini R.P.
2011Comprehensive adaptive distance relaying scheme for parallel transmission linesUpendar J.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2020Computationally Efficient Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Design for ECG Signal CompressionChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2014Cost-benefit analysis of voltage sag mitigation methods in cement plantsGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2012Cost-benefit analysis of voltage sag mitigation methods in chemical industryGoswami A.K.; Gupta C.P.; Singh G.K.
2014Cuckoo search algorithm and wind driven optimization based study of satellite image segmentation for multilevel thresholding using Kapur's entropyBhandari A.K.; Singh V.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2014Cuckoo search algorithm based satellite image contrast and brightness enhancement using DWT-SVDBhandari A.K.; Soni V.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2016Dark satellite image enhancement using knee transfer function and gamma correction based on DWT–SVDBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.; Soni V.
2019Denoising of ECG Signal using Computationally Efficient Linear Phase FilteringChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2013Descendent adaptive noise cancellers to improve SNR of contaminated EEG with gradient-based and evolutionary approachAhirwal M.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2014Design and performance of closed form method for cosine modulated filter bank using different windows functionsKumar A.; Pooja R.; Singh G.K.
2019Design of Bandpass and Bandstop Infinite Impulse Response Filters Using Fractional DerivativeAgrawal N.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh G.K.
2015Design of Multi-channel Cosine-Modulated Filter Bank Based on Fractional Derivative Constraints Using Cuckoo Search AlgorithmKuldeep B.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2017Design of multiplierless prototype filter for two-channel filter bank using hybrid method in FCSD spaceSharma I.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.; Lee H.-N.
2017Design of near-perfect-reconstructed transmultiplexer using different modulation techniques: A comparative studyVishwakarma A.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2013Design of nearly perfect reconstructed non-uniform filter bank by constrained equiripple FIR techniqueKumar A.; Singh G.K.; Anurag S.
2009Design of Quadrature Mirror Filter bank using constrained optimisationKumar A.; Singh G.K.; Anand R.S.