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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A closed form design method for the two-channel quadrature mirror filter banksKumar A.; Singh G.K.; Anand R.S.
2020A Comparative Analysis of Performance of Several Wavelet Based ECG Data Compression MethodologiesChandra S.; Sharma A.; Singh G.K.
2019A context sensitive multilevel thresholding using swarm based algorithmsPare S.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh G.K.
2012A hybrid method for designing linear-phase quadrature mirror filter bankKumar A.; Rafi S.M.; Singh G.K.
2016A multilevel color image segmentation technique based on cuckoo search algorithm and energy curvePare S.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh G.K.
2014A new approach for utilisation of single ERP to control multiple commands in BCIAhirwal M.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2017A new beta differential evolution algorithm for edge preserved colored satellite image enhancementBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Chaudhary S.; Singh G.K.
2015A new closed form method for design of variable bandwidth linear phase FIR filter using Bernstein multiwaveletsSuman S.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2014A new closed form method for design of variable bandwidth linear phase FIR filter using different polynomialsKumar A.; Suman S.; Singh G.K.
2019A new design method for FIR notch filter using Fractional Derivative and swarm intelligenceKumar A.; Mustikovila K.N.; Singh G.K.; Lee S.; Lee H.-N.
2016A new method for higher-order linear phase FIR digital filter using shifted Chebyshev polynomialsSuman S.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2018A new technique for multilevel color image thresholding based on modified fuzzy entropy and Lévy flight firefly algorithmPare S.; Bhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2016A novel color image multilevel thresholding based segmentation using nature inspired optimization algorithmsBhandari A.K.; Kumar A.; Chaudhary S.; Singh G.K.
2019A novel optimally weighted framework of piecewise gamma corrected fractional order masking for satellite image enhancementSingh H.; Kumar A.; Balyan L.K.; Singh G.K.
2019A novel pectoral muscle segmentation from scanned mammograms using EMO algorithmAvuti S.K.; Bajaj V.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2014A novel robust STATCOM control scheme for stability enhancement in multimachine power systemGanesh A.; Dahiya R.; Singh G.K.
2010A particle swarm optimisation based technique of harmonic elimination and voltage control in pulse-width modulated invertersUpendar J.; Singh G.K.; Gupta C.P.
2015A prototype filter design for cosine modulated transmultiplexer using weighted constrained least squares techniqueVishwakarma A.; Kumar A.; Singh G.K.
2005A research survey of induction motor operation with non-sinusoidal supply wave formsSingh G.K.
2007A self-excited six-phase induction generator for stand-alone renewable energy generationSingh G.K.; Yadav K.B.; Saini R.P.