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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Labeling of clusters based on critical analysis of texture measuresSingh D.; Chamundeeswari V.V.; Sorgel U.; Heipke C.; Jacobsen K.; Rottensteiner F.
2011Land cover classification of palsar images by knowledge based decision tree classi-fier and supervised classifiers based on sar observablesMishra P.; Singh D.; Yamaguchi Y.
2013Land cover classification using EM algorithm based multi-polarized ALOS PALSAR image fusionMittal V.; Singh D.; Saini L.M.
2016Leaf area index retrieval using Hyperion EO-1 data-based vegetation indices in Himalayan forest systemSingh D.; Singh S.; Chauhan P.; Wang J.; Larar A.M.; Suzuki M.
2013Magicity in Exotic NucleiSaxena G.; Singh D.; Kaushik M.
2019Maximum Membership Fraction Based Pure Pixel Assessment Approach for Hyperspectral Data Analysis Using Deep LearningChaudhri S.N.; Rajput N.S.; Singh K.P.; Singh D.
2014Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of Al 6061 alloy processed by multidirectional forging at liquid nitrogen temperatureRao P.N.; Singh D.; Jayaganthan R.
2012Microstructural studies of Al 5083 alloy deformed through cryorollingSingh D.; Nageswararao P.; Jayaganthan R.
2013Microstructures and impact toughness behavior of Al 5083 alloy processed by cryorolling and afterwards annealingSingh D.; Nageswara Rao P.; Jayaganthan R.
2014Microwave absorbing behavior of metal dispersed TiO2 nanocompositesKumar A.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2017Microwave absorption properties of FSS-impacted composites as a broadband microwave absorberPanwar R.; Puthucheri S.; Singh D.; Agarwala V.; Lee J.-R.
2014Microwave absorption properties of nanostructured nickel ferriteIsha S.; Najim M.; Smitha P.; Singh D.; Varma G.D.
2007Microwave bistatic polarization measurements for retrieval of soil moisture using an incidence angle approachSingh D.; Dubey V.
2017Microwave heat treated ferrite based X-band microwave absorber with wide bandwidth for low observable applicationsPanwar R.; Singh D.; Pasya I.
2000Microwave response to broad leaf vegetation (spinach) and vegetation covered moist soil for remote sensingSingh D.; Singh K.P.; Sharan S.K.
2008Microwave sensitivity analysis of soil texture at C-band with bistatic scatterometer for remote sensingPrakash R.; Singh D.
2009Microwave specular scattering response of soil texture at X-bandPrakash R.; Singh D.; Pathak N.P.
2017Modified Wideband Bowtie Antenna for WLAN and High Speed Data Communication ApplicationsSolanki L.S.; Singh S.; Singh D.
2008Modulatory influence of Abutilon indicum leaves on hepatic antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation against alcohol-induced liver damage in ratsSingh D.; Gupta R.S.
2015Modulatory potential of ?-amyrin against hepatic oxidative stress through antioxidant status in wistar albino ratsSingh D.; Arya P.V.; Sharma A.; Dobhal M.P.; Gupta R.S.