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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ge(ii) cation catalyzed hydroboration of aldehydes and ketonesSinhababu S.; Singh D.; Sharma M.K.; Siwatch R.K.; Mahawar P.; Nagendran S.
2009Grain size effect on structural, electrical and mechanical properties of NiTi thin films deposited by sputteringKumar A.; Singh D.; Kaur D.
2018Green indexing of Hisar municipal corporation using geospatial techniquesSingh D.; Mondal S.; Hooda R.S.; Saran S.; Padalia H.; Kumar A.S.
2003Ground-based scatterometer measurements of periodic surface roughness and correlation length for remote sensingSingh D.; Singh K.P.; Herlin I.; Sharma S.K.
2005Halo formation in neutron rich ca nucleiKaushik M.; Singh D.; Yadav H.L.
2007Harmonie analysis of time-series NOAA/AVHRR images for hotspot detection and land features classificationGautam R.S.; Singh D.; Mittal A.; Bhatia S.
2008Heart rate variability-a bibliographical surveySingh D.; Saini B.S.; Kumar V.
2014High cyclic fatigue behaviour of ultrafine grained Al 5083 alloySingh D.; Nageswara Rao P.; Jayaganthan R.
2009Identification and characterization of process related impurities in chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine by LC/IT/MS, LC/TOF/MS and NMRDongre V.G.; Ghugare P.D.; Karmuse P.; Singh D.; Jadhav A.; Kumar A.
2018Impact of ageing on EEG based biometric systemsKaur B.; Kumar P.; Roy P.P.; Singh D.
2007Implementation of multilayer ferrite radar absorbing coating with genetic algorithm for radar cross-section reduction at X-bandParida R.C.; Singh D.; Agarwal N.K.
2009Improved HRV characterization using OCDWTSaini B.S.; Singh D.; Kumar V.; Deepak K.K.; Singh J.
2005Improved modified AZTEC technique for ECG data compression: Effect of length of parabolic filter on reconstructed signalKumar V.; Saxena S.C.; Giri V.K.; Singh D.
2019Improved Utilization of Polsar Polarization Signatures Using Convolutional-Deep Neural Nets for Land Cover ClassificationPhartiyal G.S.; Singh D.; Brodu N.; Yahia H.
2013Influence of weather parameters on population fluctuation of mango scale insect, Aspidiotus destructor in mangoSingh D.; Singh R.; Singh J.
2018Influence of Zn dispersion in SiC on electromagnetic wave absorption characteristicsSingh S.; Shukla S.; Kumar A.; Singh D.
2007Inhibition of spermatogenesis by triterpenes of Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth pods in male albino ratsChaudhary R.; Gupta R.S.; Kachhaw J.B.S.; Singh D.; Verma S.K.
2011Investigation and structural elucidation of a process related impurity in candesartan cilexetil by LC/ESI-ITMS and NMRRaman B.; Sharma B.A.; Mahale G.; Singh D.; Kumar A.
2014Investigation of a novel natural waste composite as a radar wave absorber at X-BandPanwar R.; Puthucheri S.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2015Investigation of significantly enhanced electromagnetic wave absorption of hard-soft ferrite-graphene nanocompositePanwar R.; Singh D.