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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018EEG Based Emotion Classification Mechanism in BCIKaur B.; Singh D.; Roy P.P.; Singh S.; Asari V.K.; Patel R.B.; Sidike P.
2015Effect of ageing on tensile behavior of ultrafine grained Al 6061 alloyRao P.N.; Singh D.; Brokmeier H.-G.; Jayaganthan R.
2013Effect of annealing on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al 6061 alloy processed by cryorollingNageswara Rao P.; Singh D.; Jayaganthan R.
2015Effect of Cerium (Ce3+) doping on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of Barium Ferrite (BaFe12O19)Vakil Z.; Kumar A.; Jain A.; Gupta K.M.; Najim M.; Singh D.
2009Effect of crystallographic orientation of nanocrystalline TiN on electrical and mechanical properties of TiN/NiTi thin filmsKumar A.; Singh D.; Kumar R.; Kaur D.
2013Effect of deformation temperature on mechanical properties of ultrafine grained Al-Mg alloys processed by rollingSingh D.; Rao P.N.; Jayaganthan R.
2017Effect of Different Photovoltaic Materials on Energetic and Exergetic Performance of Photovoltaic Thermal ArraysRajoria C.S.; Gupta P.K.; Agrawal S.; Tiwari G.N.; Singh D.; Yuan H.L.; Agarwal R.K.; Tandon P.; Wang E.X.
2018Effect of heat treatment and uniaxial deformation on thermal stability and wear behavior of AA 2014 alloySrivastava S.; Rajput S.K.; Kumar S.; Singh D.; Purohit R.; Kumar Singh S.
2019Effect of heat treatment on morphology and microwave absorption behavior of milled SiCKumar A.; Singh S.; Singh D.
2017Effect of initial grain size on microstructure and mechanical behavior of cryorolled AA 5083Singh D.; Jayaganthan R.; Nageswara Rao P.; Kumar A.; Venketeswarlu D.
2016Effect of magneto-dielectric nanocomposite on the SAR value of phantom modelMishra V.; Puthucheri S.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2012Effect of Mg Substitution on Microwave Absorption of BaFe12O19Kumar A.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2014Effect of milling on dielectric and microwave absorption properties of SiC based compositesKumar A.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2019Effect of Nb precipitate on defect formation and migration energies in bi-crystalline ZrSingh D.; Parashar A.; Kapoor R.
2013Effect of nitrogen flow rate on structural and mechanical properties of Zirconium Tungsten Nitride (Zr-W-N) coatings deposited by magnetron sputteringDubey P.; Arya V.; Srivastava S.; Singh D.; Chandra R.
2013Effect of particle size of BaFe12O19 on the microwave absorption CHARACTERISTICS in X-bandKumar A.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2014Effect of particle size on radar wave absorption of fractal frequency selective surface loaded multilayered structuresPanwar R.; Puthucheri S.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2014Effect of post cryorolling treatments on microstructural and mechanical behaviour of ultrafine grained Al-Mg-Si alloyNageswara rao P.; Singh D.; Jayaganthan R.
2006Effect of salinity stress on leguminous plantsSingh D.; Singh J.P.
1996Effect of soil moisture and crop cover in remote sensingSingh D.; Mukherjee P.K.; Sharma S.K.; Singh K.P.