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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Decision tree approach to classify the fully polarimetric RADARSAT-2 dataJain A.; Singh D.
2013Description of C isotopes within RMF+BCS approachSaxena G.; Singh D.; Kaushik M.
2015Design of Ferrite-Graphene-Based Thin Broadband Radar Wave Absorber for Stealth ApplicationPanwar R.; Puthucheri S.; Singh D.; Agarwala V.
2015Design of light weight multi-layered coating of zinc oxide–iron–graphite nano-composites for ultra-wide Bandwidth microwave absorptionNajim M.; Smitha P.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.
2006Detection of coal mine fires in the Jharia coal field using NOAA/AVHRR dataAgarwal R.; Singh D.; Chauhan D.S.; Singh K.P.
2018Detection of possible water-ice deposits on lunar surface using conformity coefficient: An application of MiniSAR dataVerma N.; Mishra P.; Purohit N.; Singh D.
2002Detoxification using low cost adsorbents-removal of tetrachlorocatecholMall I.D.; Singh D.; Singh A.K.; Prasad B.; Mishra I.M.
2016Development and modelling of the dielectric properties of tissue-mimicking phantom materials for ultra-wideband microwave breast cancer detectionSolanki L.S.; Singh S.; Singh D.
2019Development of a Novel Three Dimensional Frequency Selective Surface Using Polyurethane Foam for Communication BandsMishra V.; Singinal P.; Puthucheri S.; Singh D.
2012Development of a site-specific ZHD model using radiosonde dataSingh D.; Ghosh J.; Kashyap D.
2018Development of adaptive threshold and data smoothening algorithm for GPR imagingSharma P.; Kumar B.; Singh D.
2017Development of an adaptive approach for identification of targets (match box, pocket diary and cigarette box) under the cloth with MMW imaging systemKumar B.; Upadhyay R.; Singh D.
2017Development of an Adaptive Approach for Precision Agriculture Monitoring with Drone and Satellite DataMurugan D.; Garg A.; Singh D.
2018Development of an approach for monitoring sugarcane harvested and non-harvested conditions using time series sentinel-1 dataMurugan D.; Singh D.
2017Development of an efficient approach for MMW imaging system to identify concealed targets inside the bookKumar B.; Sharma P.; Singh D.
2018Development of an Efficient Contextual Algorithm for Discrimination of Tall Vegetation and Urban for PALSAR DataGarg A.; Singh D.
2017Development of Analytical Approach to Fabricate Composites for Microwave AbsorptionMishra V.; Puthucheri S.; Singh D.
2017Development of Double Layer Microwave Absorber Using Genetic AlgorithmKumar A.; Singh S.; Singh D.
2016Development of electromagnetic approach for early breast tumor detectionKumar N.; Mishra V.; Smitha P.; Singh D.; Singh K.P.; Rajput N.S.
2016Development of FSS printed on multi-layered iron-zinc oxide composite coatings for microwave absorptionNajim M.; Smitha P.; Agarwala V.; Singh D.