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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Failure Criteria for Isotropic Rocks Using a Smooth Approximation of Modified Mohr–Coulomb Failure FunctionSingh, A.; Ayothiraman R.; Rao K.S.
2017Rheological Behaviour of Rock Salt under Uniaxial CompressionSingh, A.; Kumar C.; Kannan L.G.; Rao K.S.; Ayothiraman R.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2018Strength behaviour of anisotropic rock under true triaxial stress stateSingh, A.; Kumar A.; Rao K.S.
2019Study on Mohr–Coulomb-based three-dimensional strength criteria and its application in the stability analysis of vertical boreholeSingh, A.; Rao K.S.; Ayothiraman R.
2021Time-resolved model for geothermal engineering in high porosity Slochteren sandstoneSingh, A.; Fokker P.A.