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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Large volume axionic Swiss cheese inflationMisra, Aalok; Shukla P.
2008Moduli stabilization, large-volume dS minimum without over(D 3, -)-branes, (non-)supersymmetric black hole attractors and two-parameter Swiss cheese Calabi-Yau'sMisra, Aalok; Shukla P.
2011On 'light' fermions and proton stability in 'big divisor' D3/D7 large volume compactificationsMisra, Aalok; Shukla P.
2010Soft SUSY breaking parameters and RG running of squark and slepton masses in large volume Swiss Cheese compactificationsMisra, Aalok; Shukla P.
2007Super Picard-Fuchs equation and monodromies for supermanifoldsKaura P.; Misra, Aalok; Shukla P.
2010Swiss-cheese D3-D7 soft SUSY breakingMisra, Aalok; Shukla P.