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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Sensitivity of elastic properties to fabric heterogeneity in carbonate rocksSharma R.; Prasad M.; Batzle M.; Vega S.
2013Sensitivity of flow and elastic properties to fabric heterogeneity in carbonatesSharma R.; Prasad M.; Batzle M.; Vega S.
2012Shale gas resources: Energy potential and associated exploitation challenges for coupled geomechanics and transport characteristicsLiu C.; Sharma R.; Tutuncu A.
2012Small RNAs of pathogenic bacteria: Not small enough to be overlooked for therapeuticsIyer V.R.; Sharma R.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2007Solutionizing temperature and abrasive wear behaviour of cast Al-Si-Mg alloysSharma R.; Anesh; Dwivedi D.K.
2018Structure-function insights into chikungunya virus capsid protein: Small molecules targeting capsid hydrophobic pocketSharma R.; Kesari P.; Kumar P.; Tomar S.
2004Synthesis and characterization of AgBiO3 with the cubic KSbO3 structureSharma R.; Mandal T.K.; Ramesha K.; Gopalakrishnan J.
2011Tertiary treatment option for pulp and paper mill wastewater to achieve effluent recyclingSharma R.; Kumar S.; Sharma C.
2018The unusual glycine-rich C terminus of the Acinetobacter baumannii RNA chaperone Hfq plays an important role in bacterial physiologySharma A.; Dubey V.; Sharma R.; Devnath K.; Gupta V.K.; Akhter J.; Bhando T.; Verma A.; Ambatipudi K.; Sarkar M.; Pathania R.
1978Thin layer chromatography or some closely related physiologically active 2- benzoyl benzofuranderiavatives.Srivastava S.P.; Mahesh V.K.; Sharma R.; Kumar Anil
2012Unreliable MX/(G1G2)/1 retrial queue with bernoulli feedback under modified vacation policyJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Sharma R.
2013Unreliable server M/G/1 queue with multi-optional services and multi-optional vacationsJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Sharma R.
2011Working vacation queue with service interruption and multi optional repairJain M.; Sharma G.C.; Sharma R.