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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Polarization analysis of x-ray emission following inner-shell photoionization of highly charged ionsSharma L.; Surzhykov A.; Fritzsche S.; Berrah N.; Nikolic D.; Tanis J.A.; Kamber E.Y.; Orel A.; Starace A.F.; Gorczyca T.W.
2010Polarization studies on the dielectronic recombination hypersatellite x-ray linesSurzhykov A.; Sharma L.; Stöhlker Th.; Fritzsche S.
2010Polarization transfer in the inner-shell photoionization of sodiumlike ionsSharma L.; Surzhykov A.; Inal M.K.; Fritzsche S.
2017Study of electron excitation of Rb-like to Br-like tungsten ions and polarization of their photon emissionPriti; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.
2006Total polarization of the 185 nm emission line of mercury excited by electron impactAußendorf G.; Jüttemann F.; Muktavat K.; Sharma L.; Srivastava R.; Stauffer A.D.; Bartschat K.; Fursa D.V.; Bray I.; Hanne G.F.