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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Saliency based segmentation of satellite imagesSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Heipke C.; Stilla U.
2018Se-doped CuO NPs/H2O2/UV as a highly efficient and sustainable photo-Fenton catalytic system for enhanced degradation of 4-bromophenolSharma A.; Dutta R.K.
2020Segmentation-free writer identification based on convolutional neural networkKumar P.; Sharma A.
2005Simulation of effect of weld variables on thermal cycles during twin wire weldingSharma A.; Arora N.; Gupta S.R.
2012Sitagliptin, sitagliptin and metformin, or sitagliptin and amitriptyline attenuate streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic neuropathy in ratsSharma A.K.; Sharma A.; Kumari R.; Kishore K.; Sharma D.; Srinivasan B.P.; Sharma A.; Singh S.K.; Gaur S.; Jatav V.S.; Sharma P.; Srivastava V.; Joshi S.; Joshi M.; Dhakad P.K.; Kanawat D.S.; Mishra A.; Sharma A.; Singh D.; Singh R.P.; Chawda H.S.; Singh R.; Raikwar S.K.; Kurmi M.K.; Khatri P.; Agarwal A.; Munajjam A.
2011Small hydropower for sustainable energy development in IndiaNautiyal H.; Singal S.K.; Varun; Sharma A.
2019Soil and weather based yield prediction model for rainfed areasSharma A.; Arora S.; Sharma V.; Arya V.M.; Sharma S.K.
2008Solid-state fermentation for gluconic acid production from sugarcane molasses by Aspergillus niger ARNU-4 employing tea waste as the novel solid supportSharma A.; Vivekanand V.; Singh R.P.
2017Solvent free, catalyst free, microwave or grinding assisted synthesis of bis-cyclic imide derivatives and their evaluation for anticancer activityKumar A.; Banerjee S.; Roy P.; Sondhi S.M.; Sharma A.
2018Solvent-free synthesis and anticancer activity evaluation of benzimidazole and perimidine derivativesKumar A.; Banerjee S.; Roy P.; Sondhi S.M.; Sharma A.
2018Spam Email Detection using ID3 Algorithm and Hidden Markov ModelKumar V.; Monika; Kumar P.; Sharma A.
2009Statistical modeling of deposition rate in twin-wire submerged arc weldingSharma A.; Arora N.; Mishra B.K.
2017Structural, functional and evolutionary aspects of seed globulinsKumar P.; Kesari P.; Neetu; Sharma A.; Katiki M.; Kumar P.; Gurjar B.R.; Tomar S.; Sharma A.K.
1989Studies on chemical evolution of transition metal enzymesKamaluddin; Nath M.; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.
2016Studies on structural defects in bare, PVP capped and TPPO capped copper oxide nanoparticles by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy and their impact on photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine BSharma A.; Dutta R.K.; Roychowdhury A.; Das D.
2015Studies on the drastic improvement of photocatalytic degradation of acid orange-74 dye by TPPO capped CuO nanoparticles in tandem with suitable electron capturing agentsSharma A.; Dutta R.K.
2015Synthesis of acridine cyclic imide hybrid molecules and their evaluation for anticancer activityKumar A.; Kumar N.; Roy P.; Sondhi S.M.; Sharma A.
2019Synthesis, Spectral, Electrochemical and Photovoltaic Studies of A3B Porphyrinic Dyes having Peripheral DonorsPrakash K.; Alsaleh A.Z.; Neeraj; Rathi P.; Sharma A.; Sankar M.; D'Souza F.
2017The small molecule IITR08027 restores the antibacterial activity of fluoroquinolones against multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii by efflux inhibitionBhattacharyya T.; Sharma A.; Akhter J.; Pathania R.
2018The unusual glycine-rich C terminus of the Acinetobacter baumannii RNA chaperone Hfq plays an important role in bacterial physiologySharma A.; Dubey V.; Sharma R.; Devnath K.; Gupta V.K.; Akhter J.; Bhando T.; Verma A.; Ambatipudi K.; Sarkar M.; Pathania R.