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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Rapid Access to New Thiazepinyl and Oxazepinyl Phosphonates through a Green Pudovik ReactionSaha D.; Kaur T.; Singh N.; Singh U.P.; Sharma A.
2020Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentationSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Kolay S.
2020Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentationSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Kolay S.
2014Response time based load balancing in cloud computingSharma A.; Peddoju S.K.
2014Role of 24-epibrassinolide, putrescine and spermine in salinity stressed adiantum capillus-veneris leavesSharma A.; Slathia S.; Choudhary S.P.; Sharma Y.P.; Langer A.
1994Role of metal ferrocyanides in chemical evolution - Adsorption of ribose and 2′-deoxyribose 5′-nucleotides on metal ferrocyanidesKamaluddin; Nath M.; Sharma A.
1990Role of transition metal ferrocyanides (II) in chemical evolutionKamaluddin; Nath M.; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.
2019RWIL: Robust Writer Identification for Indic LanguageKumar B.; Kumar P.; Sharma A.
2015Saliency based segmentation of satellite imagesSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Heipke C.; Stilla U.
2018Se-doped CuO NPs/H2O2/UV as a highly efficient and sustainable photo-Fenton catalytic system for enhanced degradation of 4-bromophenolSharma A.; Dutta R.K.
2020Segmentation-free writer identification based on convolutional neural networkKumar P.; Sharma A.
2005Simulation of effect of weld variables on thermal cycles during twin wire weldingSharma A.; Arora N.; Gupta S.R.
2012Sitagliptin, sitagliptin and metformin, or sitagliptin and amitriptyline attenuate streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic neuropathy in ratsSharma A.K.; Sharma A.; Kumari R.; Kishore K.; Sharma D.; Srinivasan B.P.; Sharma A.; Singh S.K.; Gaur S.; Jatav V.S.; Sharma P.; Srivastava V.; Joshi S.; Joshi M.; Dhakad P.K.; Kanawat D.S.; Mishra A.; Sharma A.; Singh D.; Singh R.P.; Chawda H.S.; Singh R.; Raikwar S.K.; Kurmi M.K.; Khatri P.; Agarwal A.; Munajjam A.
2011Small hydropower for sustainable energy development in IndiaNautiyal H.; Singal S.K.; Varun; Sharma A.
2019Soil and weather based yield prediction model for rainfed areasSharma A.; Arora S.; Sharma V.; Arya V.M.; Sharma S.K.
2008Solid-state fermentation for gluconic acid production from sugarcane molasses by Aspergillus niger ARNU-4 employing tea waste as the novel solid supportSharma A.; Vivekanand V.; Singh R.P.
2017Solvent free, catalyst free, microwave or grinding assisted synthesis of bis-cyclic imide derivatives and their evaluation for anticancer activityKumar A.; Banerjee S.; Roy P.; Sondhi S.M.; Sharma A.
2018Solvent-free synthesis and anticancer activity evaluation of benzimidazole and perimidine derivativesKumar A.; Banerjee S.; Roy P.; Sondhi S.M.; Sharma A.
2018Spam Email Detection using ID3 Algorithm and Hidden Markov ModelKumar V.; Monika; Kumar P.; Sharma A.
2009Statistical modeling of deposition rate in twin-wire submerged arc weldingSharma A.; Arora N.; Mishra B.K.