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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016p-Toluenesulfonic Acid-Mediated Three-Component Reaction "On-Water" Protocol for the Synthesis of Novel Thiadiazolo[2,3-b]quinazolin-6(7H)-onesWadhwa P.; Kaur T.; Singh N.; Singh U.P.; Sharma A.
2019Phase entropy: A new complexity measure for heart rate variabilityRohila A.; Sharma A.
2015Phenolic acids from Parthenium hysterophorus: Evaluation of bioconversion potential as free radical scavengers and anticancer agentsPanwar Richa; Sharma A.; Dutt Dharm; Pruthi Vikas
2010Pose invariant face recognition based on hybrid-global linear regressionSharma A.; Dubey A.; Jagannatha A.N.; Anand R.S.
2010Pose invariant virtual classifiers from single training image using novel hybrid-eigenfacesSharma A.; Dubey A.; Tripathi P.; Kumar V.
2016Potassium fixation capabilities of some inceptisols belonging to plain and sub-mountainous regionSharma A.; Sharma V.; Arora S.; Arya V.M.; Sankar G.R.M.; Jalali V.K.
2016Predicting suitability of different scale-dependent dispersivities for reactive solute transport through stratified porous mediaSwami D.; Sharma A.; Sharma P.K.; Shukla D.P.
2009Predictive modelling and sensitivity analysis of flux consumption rate in twin-wire submerged arc weldingSharma A.; Arora N.; Mishra B.K.
2019Product Recommendation System Using Distance Measure of Product Image FeaturesMeena Y.; Monika; Kumar P.; Sharma A.
2020Profession identification using handwritten text imagesKumar P.; Gupta M.; Gupta M.; Sharma A.; Nain N.; Vipparthi S.K.; Raman B.
2017Purification and characterization of 2s albumin from seeds of Wrightia tinctoria exhibiting antibacterial and DNase activitySharma A.; Kumar P.; Kesari P.; Neetu; Katiki M.; Mishra M.; Singh P.K.; Gurjar B.R.; Sharma A.K.; Tomar S.; Kumar P.
2007Purification and characterization of a trypsin inhibitor from seeds of Murraya koenigiiShee C.; Sharma A.
2016Quantification of Indian femur: Dry bone anthropometry in relation to total knee arthroplastySambharia A.K.; Rohilla S.; Sharma A.; Kumar D.; Maini D.; Dhakad R.K.S.
2016Rapid Access to New Thiazepinyl and Oxazepinyl Phosphonates through a Green Pudovik ReactionSaha D.; Kaur T.; Singh N.; Singh U.P.; Sharma A.
2020Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentationSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Kolay S.
2020Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentationSharma A.; Ghosh J.K.; Kolay S.
2014Response time based load balancing in cloud computingSharma A.; Peddoju S.K.
2014Role of 24-epibrassinolide, putrescine and spermine in salinity stressed adiantum capillus-veneris leavesSharma A.; Slathia S.; Choudhary S.P.; Sharma Y.P.; Langer A.
1994Role of metal ferrocyanides in chemical evolution - Adsorption of ribose and 2′-deoxyribose 5′-nucleotides on metal ferrocyanidesKamaluddin; Nath M.; Sharma A.
1990Role of transition metal ferrocyanides (II) in chemical evolutionKamaluddin; Nath M.; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.