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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Multivariate modeling of flood flowsGoel, Narendra Kumar; Seth S.M.; Chandra S.
1987Negative outflows from muskingum flood routingPerumal M.; Seth S.M.
1984On the mathematics of storage routing - A commentPerumal M.; Seth S.M.
1998Probabilistic modelling of flood characteristics of a large elongated basinGoel, Narendra Kumar; Seth S.M.
1990Rating curve establishment under shifting controlMishra S.K.; Seth S.M.
1989Studies on plotting position formulae for Gumbel distributionGoel, Narendra Kumar; Seth S.M.
1996Use of hysteresis for defining the nature of flood wave propagation in natural channels [Utilisation de l'hystérésis pour définir la nature de la propagation des ondes de crue dans des canaux naturels]Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Seth S.M.