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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Composition of Cr-spinel - An ore genetic indicator of Kathpal Chromite Deposit, Sukinda Ultramafic Complex, Orissa, IndiaSen A.K.; Sharma P.K.; Mohanty D.; Ghosh T.K.
2012Compositions and petrogenetic significance of the eudialyte group minerals from sushina, purulia, West BengalChakrabarty A.; Pruseth K.L.; Sen A.K.
2010Enigmatic association of the carbonatite and alkali-pyroxenite along the Northern Shear Zone, Purulia, West Bengal: A saga of primary magmatic carbonatiteChakrabarty A.; Sen A.K.
2011First report of eudialyte occurrence from the Sushina hill region, Purulia district, West BengalChakrabarty A.; Pruseth K.L.; Sen A.K.
1991Fluid inclusion studies in apatite of the Sung Valley carbonatite complex, NE India: evidence of melt-fluid immiscibilityJaireth S.; Sen A.K.; Varma O.P.
2006Geochemical studies of groundwater in Saharanpur, Uttar PradeshSaini R.K.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph; Sen A.K.
2003Geomorphotectonics around the Sung Valley Carbonate Complex, Shillong Plateau, northeast India: A remote sensing and GIS approachHarijan N.; Sen A.K.; Sarkar S.; Das J.D.; Kanungo D.P.
2011Identification of open cast mining areas using CARTOSAT-I: A case study of Jharia coal fieldsPande H.; Sen A.K.; Garg, Rahul D.
1988Imprints of the Ninety-East Ridge in the Shillong Plateau, Indian ShieldGupta R.P.; Sen A.K.
2016Magmatic, hydrothermal and subsolidus evolution of the agpaitic nepheline syenites of the Sushina Hill Complex, India: Implications for the metamorphism of peralkaline syenitesChakrabarty A.; Mitchell R.H.; Ren M.; Saha P.K.; Pal S.; Pruseth K.L.; Sen A.K.
1999Origin of the Sung Valley carbonatite complex, Meghalaya, India: Major element geochemistry constraintsSen A.K.
2018Removal of diethyl phthalate via adsorption on mineral rich waste coal modified with chitosanShaida M.A.; Dutta, Raj Kumar; Sen A.K.
2013Rinkite, cerianite-(Ce), and hingganite-(Ce) in syenite gneisses from the Sushina Hill Complex, India: Occurrence, compositional data and petrogenetic significanceChakrabarty A.; Mitchell R.H.; Ren M.; Sen A.K.; Pruseth K.L.
2014Spectral delineation of albite zone using ASTER data in Khetri Copper BeltTiwari P.S.; Garg, Rahul D.; Sen A.K.; Dadhwal V.K.
2020The mineral chemistry of gahnite, garnet and columbite-group minerals (CGM): Implications for genesis and evolution of the Kenticha Rare-element granite-pegmatite, Adola, EthiopiaBekele B.; Sen A.K.
2007Using ASTER TIR radiance and surface emissivity data to map lithology and silica abundance in a metamorphic terrainMisra A.; Gupta R.P.; Sen A.K.