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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Fully bio-based protective coating for packaging papersRastogi V; Samyn P.
2014Hydrophobic surface modification of softwood cellulose nanofibers through nanoparticle depositionRastogi V; Stanssens D; Samyn P.
2014Improvement in barrier resistance properties of microfibrillated cellulose nanocomposite filmsRastogi V; Samyn P.
2015Improvements in mechanical properties polyhydroxybutyrate by nanocellulose additivesRastogi V; Samyn P.
2017Influence of synthesis conditions on thermal release of palm oil as liquid core filled in polymeric nanoparticlesSamyn P.; Van Nieuwkerke D;  Rastogi V.; Stanssens D.
2014Mechanism for tuning the hydrophobicity of microfibrillated cellulose films by controlled thermal release of encapsulated waxRastogi V.; Stanssens D.; Samyn P.
2015Nanofibrillated cellulose as a nucleating agent to improve polyhydroxyalkanoates crystallization behaviorRastogi V; Herberger T; Samyn P.
2019Novel processing of polyhydroxybutyrate with micro- to nanofibrillated cellulose and effect of fiber morphology on crystallization behaviour of compositesRastogi V.; Samyn P.
2014Novel production method for in-situ hydrophobization of a microfibrillated cellulose networkRastogi V.; Samyn P.
2016Reaction efficiency and retention of poly(styrene-co-maleimide) nanoparticle deposits on fibrillated cellulose surfacesRastogi V.; Stanssens D.; Samyn P.
2015Surface Functionalization of Fibrillated Cellulose by Nanoparticle Deposition and Use as Paper Coating AdditiveRastogi V; Samyn P.
2017Synthesis of polyhydroxybutyrate particles with micro-to-nanosized structures and application as protective coating for packaging papersRastogi V.; Samyn P.
2016Tuning thermal release kinetics of soy oil from organic nanoparticles using variable synthesis conditionsSamyn P.; Nieuwkerke D.;  Rastogi V.; Stanssens D.