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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tandem hidden Markov models using deep belief networks for offline handwriting recognitionRoy P.P.; Zhong G.; Cheriet M.
2019Temporal Unknown Incremental Clustering Model for Analysis of Traffic Surveillance VideosSanthosh K.K.; Dogra D.P.; Roy P.P.
2012Text line extraction in graphical documents using background and foreground informationRoy P.P.; Pal U.; Lladós J.
2018Text recognition in scene image and video frame using Color Channel selectionBhunia A.K.; Kumar G.; Roy P.P.; Balasubramanian R.; Pal U.
2007Text/Graphics separation in color mapsRoy P.P.; Lladós J.; Pal U.
2019Texture synthesis guided deep hashing for texture image retrievalBhunia A.K.; Perla S.R.K.; Mukherjee P.; Das A.; Roy P.P.
2010Touching text character localization in graphical documents using SIFTRoy P.P.; Pal U.; Lladós J.
2019Trajectory-Based Surveillance Analysis: A SurveyAhmed S.A.; Dogra D.P.; Kar S.; Roy P.P.
2018TRPN: A text region proposal network in the wild under the constraint of low memory GPUKeserwani P.; Ali T.; Roy P.P.
2018Unsupervised classification of erroneous video object trajectoriesAhmed S.A.; Dogra D.P.; Kar S.; Roy P.P.
2019User Constrained Thumbnail Generation Using Adaptive ConvolutionsRaj Kishore P.S.; Kumar Bhunia A.; Ghose S.; Roy P.P.
2017Virtual trainer with real-time feedback using kinect sensorKumar P.; Saini R.; Yadava M.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.; Balasubramanian R.
2019Visual rendering of shapes on 2D display devices guided by hand gesturesSingla A.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
2014Wavelet-based approach for writer identification in music scoreDas D.; Chanda S.; Roy P.P.; Pal U.
2012Wavelet-gradient-fusion for video text binarizationRoy S.; Shivakumara P.; Roy P.P.; Tan C.L.
2013Word recognition in natural scene and video images using Hidden Markov ModelRoy S.; Roy P.P.; Shivakumara P.; Pal U.
2011Word retrieval in historical document using character-primitivesRoy P.P.; Ramel J.-Y.; Ragot N.
2019Word searching in scene image and video frame in multi-script scenario using dynamic shape codingRoy P.P.; Bhunia A.K.; Bhattacharyya A.; Pal U.
2014Word searching in unconstrained layout using character pair codingRoy P.P.; Pal U.; Lladós J.
2018Word spotting based on pyramidal histogram of characters code for handwritten text documentsAli T.; Roy P.P.; Chaudhuri B.B.; Raman B.; Kankanhalli M.S.